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so I have been doing some exercises for 2-3 days and have been getting flashes of slightly better vision, but one problem. I always find myself watching doing things which give eye strain (tv, computer). If anyone has any tips to help could you please post them? And also, some suggestions for improving vision?

There is a discussion somewhere on iblindness forum for computer use, preventing eyestrain.
Some people have been saying that the new LCD flat thin computer monitors canuse eyestrain, blur.
I had this problem.
I went back to the old CRT monitor, small screen and old tv both with the old slightly curved screen and i have no eye pain, blur, vision is clear.
Television is good for the eyes; there is always something moving on the screen and this keeps the eyes moving, shifting.
Just dont spend all day watching tv.
The eyes need true, 3-dementional objects to look at and sunlight.
Please read the classic Bates book 'The perfect eyesight without glasses' and you will have all you need. If you have any specific questions someone may answer it.

There are five things you need to do correctly to improve vision. Very briefly..

1. Rest your eyes as much as you can: - This includes palming, gazing at a blank surface, the sky gazing etc when the eye does not have anything to see. Closing the eye may not rest the eyes for all - only you can figure out for yourself.

2. Practise central fixation and shifting with methods such as shifting, swinging etc.

3. Challenge the eye by a) sun gazing or looking at bright objects b) reading fine print c) reading in dark and other unfavorable conditions

4. During the time you are not practising the routines, remember the fundamental principles of NVI and put them into practice throughout the day - always remember the triple B - breathe, blink and break...

5. Do not use any visual aids such as sunglasses or power glasses or use them only when absolutely necessary.
And also be patient. Don't be negative, but be positive. U cannot achieve anything by rushing things and feeling down ..

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download