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unexpected relief of tension
For a few days beginning of this week, I had felt a really tight sensation on the side of the right eye and the ear area, probably due to too much computer work and stress.

One night as I was taking a bath however, as I was lost in my thoughts, I had by accident run the shower over my forehead longer than I was supposed to. To my surprise, half the tension I felt on right area of my eye and ear are gone.

Went ahead to practise palming, shifting and swinging, and clear flashes seem to come easier than normal. Could this be like a hydrotherapy or jacuzzi effect, whereby the water pulses massages the acupuncture points where the fingers could not reach? Is this a known therapy for the eyes? Will there be any ill-effects for running water over the forehead for too long?

Hi Petal. Interesting experience, but I think yes.. the water had a massage-like effect on your muscles and accupressure
points on your forehead. This helped relieve any tension. I don't see anything wrong with it, just do it as long as
it feels comfortable. There is also a known therapy called microcurrent which uses a machine to massage and stimulate the muscles near the eyes. Same effect. They have found that it helps improve eyesight.

In the same sort of light, I recently bought myself an eye pillow. I wear it at night and it helps the forehead and eyes to relax by applying soft gentle pressure. When I wake up in the morning my eyes are very relaxed and look more rejuvenated than ever before . The website where I bought it from actually has a lot of testimonials from migraine sufferers.
They report that they no longer have migraines !

Regards, Itsme Smile
itsme Wrote:Hi Petal. I don't see anything wrong with it, just do it as long as it feels comfortable.

Great to know that! I intend to make it a routine practice, since its so accessible and I have to shower everyday anyway. I do hope to achieve some kind of permanent eyesight improvement with the help of this together with Bates' method. It is quite a breakthrough for me, as my progress had been stagnant for quite a few months until I recently discover this method by accident.

Also maybe the warmth had calmed ur forehead and ear. I should try this out thx Smile
But isn't it a fairly common knowledge that a good bath is always refreshing and relaxing to the whole body? It must naturally include the eye. Try to go without a good bath for a few days and you will know what I am saying - you could feel irritated, scratchy and sore without a refreshing bath every day.

What do we do when we feel tired after some rigorous activity? We splash water on our face dont we? What you experienced is probably just that. It is really good.
I have the habit of taking cold showers daily. It's good for blood flow but I've got no relief from eye strain or even ear strain (I think I may be suffering from this too) from it.
the water needs to be warm...cold would tense and invigorate the muscles.
That may depend on the person too. We are not the same.

But I agree with you. People are not cured of eye defects by just taking a refreshing bath everyday. This is just one factor. It can give a temporary relief which can be utlized to our advantage while doing the Bates routines.
Ram Wrote:People are not cured of eye defects by just taking a refreshing bath everyday

What i meant was not just a bath, but shower that targets water pressure on the forehead for about 10 -20secs, which seem to give an effect of relieve which I haven't felt in a long time. Just think that it would be a good practice everyday, since doesn't cost anything and it helps me get clear flashes easier with other methods.


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