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Cancer Institute Now Warns of Cell Phone Risk
A must read for everyone..

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Also, if you have the time, read some of the comments from posters below the article.. very interesting..

Regards, Itsme Smile
EMR can potentially cause cancer and also deplete calcium reserves in the body . I am always a little scared because i use the mobile phone for 2-3 hours a day but cannot avoid it.

It is not even quite safe to have your bed near an electric post near your home. Bedrooms are best farthest away from any EM devices because it is while you sleep you get continous radiation for hours.

But cancer is also due to many other factors such as lifestyle, poor mental health, poor diet and lack of exercise.
i actually know someone who LIVES close to the cell tower.. When they are on a wireless landline phone outside, and they
turn in the direction of the tower, the reception goes... zzzzzzzzzzzzzssst... and the reception is lost. Must
be a conflict between the two, but it's scary... I don't even know how that was allowed to be there in a residential area.. ?? I always thought there
were certain laws..

Regards, Itsme Smile

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