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How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings
You got me curious, so I looked at the supposedly healthy toothpaste I'd been using and it does have glycerin. Eco-dent has sodium lauryl sulfate. And most other toothpastes of course have fluoride. Now a guy could spend months researching these chemicals and make an educated guess as to whether it's a good idea to use, but I'd rather just not put stuff in my body that isn't food and just go with the simplest formula I can find that doesn't sound like it includes chemicals anyone's been screaming about.

I found this tooth powder that I'll probably order. Salt, baking soda, prickly ash bark, and peppermint oil.

And on the topic of personal hygiene, here's a mineral salts deoderant rock that I've been using and seems to work

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Hi. David.
Anything we can do to eliminate the chemical overload in our bodies is good, as we are assaulted by them everyday. Sad
It's amazing to me how almost every toothpaste, even those natural ones found in health food stores, all
contain Glycerin! Glycerin coats the teeth and prevents the teeth from remineralization. Maybe this is a conspiracy ? :-\
Anyways, that tooth powder you found is a much better choice ! You will see that your teeth and gums will improve greatly once you start using it. I have seen a marked improvement in my teeth and gums since stopping the use of glycerin
containing toothpastes. I also gargle with Mag. oil.

I don't like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate either, and after I'm finished with the Eco-dent (unfortunately,which I actually really like) I will either try the one you've indicated, or another one I found a couple weeks ago. Thanks for providing the link!
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Regards, Its Smile me
I didnt know that about glycerine.
Is it ok for skin?
I use it as pure chemical free soap for skin, cloths, dishes.
Will buy that toothpaste david found next payday.
Hi Clark. Yes, glycerin is ok for the skin !

Regards Its Smile me
Itsme Thanks
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