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Why is this? is it just me or ...
Try this:
Go outdoor , face your.. errr..face toward the warm morning sun with your eyes closed fro about 1 min. Open your eyes and quickly
go straight indoor.

My result:
All will be obviously greenish for about 20-30 secs, could be longer....Strange.
Look Normal or very little greenish thing if I open my eyes and stay outdoor.

Do you have the same result ?

Can someone explain this?
These are afterimages. I get afterimages on directly looking at the sun but closed eye sunning always improved my vision. These will disappear with practise and improvement in vision.
Yes when i first started out i had this same result. But for me, everything was blueish rather than green. And somethimes, it was yellow--ish.
Actually I see bright colored afterimages ( such as yellow or red) immediately after looking at the sun. A few minutes later it turns to green, then blue etc ( colors of decreasing wavelength). The interesting thing is I can also see the afterimages as clearly with the eyes closed as when they are open. They seem so real.
PHew, at least I'm not the only that experience it.
So, do afterimages have good or bad or neutral effect for the eyes?
Some NVI authors seem to believe these after-images can be used to the benefit of the eye but Bates does not seem to endorse such a view. So I dont know. One thing I noticed is that these afterimages are very vivid and clear( the colors are so brilliant) than my unaided vision so seeing them may help improve imagination. But I am not sure.
Everything turns yellow-ish for me too. It's clearer vision only that it's yellow-ish, after 20-30 seconds it returns to normal.


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