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I have improved ^^
Dear all,
About five months ago, I posted a topic that said "My Vision Cannot Improove". ANd five months later, it has!
ANd it is just so simple, takes belief and a little effort.

First I when I started doing eyes excercises, I was so serious about it. I do it about an hour everyday... My vision did not improve -> I got fusstrated, etc.
But nowadays, I only do them for about ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes after school. I read charts, do sunning, swaying and try not to stay so close to the computer screen and only wear my glasses when I needed to see in class.

Nowadays, I when I read books or when I am in extra sunny places/ super green places, I get clear flashes which brings me lots of hope and encouragement.

And I now know that, focusing on doing these excercises and you will improve nothing. Do them and belief your eyes will just get better, and they will.

If I cang et clear flashes, then you can too. Because I was born with a hole in my retina and that is what caused my short sightedness. ANd I used to belief that my eyes will NEVER get better... But it did.


I will keep you update with my further progess.



PS. Thank you everyone who created this website. You gave me hope. <3
Dear Sam,

Congratulations on your success.

Dave has been very helpful in all of this. It is wonderful that we
can exchange ideas on how to develop effective prevention.

I know that it is hard to inspire yourself to take these steps.

I wonder if you could post your current Snellen. That way, as your
vision improves further -- you can convince yourself to
continue with your work.


Dear all,

I have futher improvements to tell you.
About 2 days ago, we were playing Futsal at lunch time in the sun.
And all in the sudden, I saw so claer I think it was 20/20.
The clarness lasted about 3 minutes and when I blinked it didn't go away. But it soon faded out. Other than that, I saw clear flashes too, just not 20/20

Okay, thats about it for now.

Thank you for commenting Otis.

Dear all,

Guess what?

I had finally learned how not to stress when looking.
I now have clearer visions.
Everything seems so crispier and my eyes seems so much more relax than they used to be.

Now, I am trying to relax even more.

But yes.
It really is amazing.
How we can get clear visions and things.
I can hardly believe myself.

For those of you who have not seen signs of progress yet.
Keep trying. It is worth it.
And that day WILL definitely come.

Bye for now.
Dear Sam,
Due to a cataract operation (necessary -- an not related to myopia), I now pass the
20/20 line.
But, when I check my Snellen at home, I find normal "variation".
Since the "Snellen" I am using is not in bright light, I read 20/25 sometimes.
In sunlight, solid 20/20.
What I am suggesting is that the variation is NORMAL, and expected.
Also, the quality of the Snellen chart does make a difference.
Remember also, that the legal requirement is that you read the 20/40 line
or better (3/4 inch letters at 20 feet).
As far as am concenred -- personal verification that you EXCEED 20/40
is the real and objective measure of success.
Dear ottis,
yes, it was only that one time that I thought i saw 20/20.
Now I have better vision. But still cannot read the top live of the smellen, not even in bright lights. But the number is much crispier than before.

Also, I fin it really hard to relax and keeping my eyes apart.
You do know what I mean?

i know it sounds really weird. but when I want to relaz my eyes, they seem to come together in the middle.???

Please help.

i think it may be a form of esotropia but does it happen when u close ur eyes too? i used to have this..

Now, im the opposite. When i look at something close distance my eyes are drawn outwards it looks like the object splits into two. I am relaxed like this but i dont think its right.
In ur case sam i think it should cure soon or later
SO I am doing things right?
Is this normal?
Do I have to change anything?

No, I don't think I get it when i close my eyes

And also Ottis, what was your perscription when you wore glasses?
How long did it take to cure?

I see things much crispier and I can see more edges, etc.

BUT however, I have a really hard time focusing.
e.g, if I was looking at a faraway sign. I see the edges much crispier, but I cannot read it. But if I look normally (Strain my eyes), it is not as crispy, but I can focus on it and actually read it (:

Please tell me how to cure. Or will it just cure itself?


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