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is it true computer monitor can damage the retina?
I've got a forwarded msg not in english which basically stated that computer monitor could damage the retina because of the beta wave radiation.
And it recommends to close our eyes for 5 minutes after 3 hours in front of monitor.

Now, I think I agree with latter statement. Palming anyone?
But the first one? sounds like bs to me.
It's not even mention whether LCD or CRT.But please CMIIW.

I also know that extended near-vision work is not good for our eyes
Quote:I also know that extended near-vision work is not good for our eyes

Otis> You are correct.
First it says it'll damage the eyes due to beta wave radiation, then suggests closing your eyes? If it were radiation causing an injury, why would closing your eyes after an hour of it prevent the damage?

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hasarin Wrote:I also know that extended near-vision work is not good for our eyes

That is not Bates view anyway.

If you are myopic a good way to start improving your vision would be to start doing a lot of near work and developing good eye habits. I always have clear flashes while reading a book which is directly opposed to the idea that close work is harmful. Because vision for a myope is good for close work , doing close work greatly helps relax the eyes and improve visual memory. Watching a period closeup and then imagining it as often as u can is a good method.

However if you dont use your eyes properly ( ie stare, dont blink, poor posture, poor breathig etc) then close work can ruin your vision. If you wear glasses for near work, you could quickly become a high myope. Never use minus glasses for doing close work. It is easy to forget to blink and loose the normal breathing rythm while doing close work - this is one reason why people find close work a strain.

For those myopes who have understood Bates sufficiently well and have learnt to apply the techniques properly, every moment of close work is equivalent to exercising the eyes. For those who misuse their eyes, certainly close work will damage vision.
I noticed something new this week.
I have had my computer for 3 years and always had a large open window with natural light shining straight onto the monitor screen.
Not at a angle that causes uncomfortable glare but enough so there is a reflection of the window and its light on the monitor screen.
This produced a kind of 3-D effect as the monitor screen glass acts like a mirror with a picture in it.
Looking at reflections of distant objects in a mirror (monitor screen) keeps the eyes relaxed.
I think this prevents eyestrain.
Recently I moved my monitor so the window light does not shine onto the monitor screen.
Not that the light was bothering me, but I had my back to the window and wanted to change position so i can look out the window instead of only into mirrors I have placed behind the monitor for a distant view.
Recently when using computer my eyelids burn.
Weather is also cold suddenly in Massachusetts and dry heat in homes which drys the eyes.
I have turned on warm steam humidfiers which help and and am trying use of mirrors on the wall to reflect the view/light from the window onto the monitor screen so I dont have to move it again.
If it doesnt work I will move it back to original position.

Clark (tired of typing) Night!
Placing a reflection of a light bulb and even better; a reflection of a open window with sun shining in on the monitor screen adds a 3-d effect; close and far distance effect on screen and prevents eye strain.
I have it arranged so the reflection is not causing glare, intereference.
Even if the reflection is from a mirror, it helps.
This works on the old glass monitors (CRT?).
I dont know if it will reflect on the new flat screen LCD monitors.

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