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imrpove ears
Do you know how to improve your ears ( dont know what word is it? eyes -> vision, ears -> ? )
I think you know what i mean Big Grin

eyes - vision // ears - hearing

1. Ear candle (therapeutic)

2. not listening to loud music.

3. Decreasing music and bringing brain to focus on the noise that is occuring.

4. Wear ear plugs all day, then take them out when doing activites. Things will seem louder

5. Chiropractor. Tell him to focus on your ears

6. acupuncture. Tell him to focus on the chi in your ears. rofl rofl.


8. yawning

9. vigorous vibration put on the ears to excite blood

10. Believing that you hear things clearer and louder. The Secret.

11. Pranic healing.

Hope this helps
Don't use Ear Candles!!!!

Use a 1/2 Hydrogen Peroxide and then 1/2 water and an ear syringe. But try not to aim right at the ear drum.....

Make sure its 1/2 HP and not pure..... that will scorch your ear canal.

I think the word you were looking for was "hearing". Smile


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