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Pet squirrel's eye injury
We have a squirrel that runs along the balcony in our apartment building getting handouts from the tenants.
His name is Boo-Boo.
Likes to sit on the couch and watch tv snacking on walnuts.
Recently a little boy that feeds him found him lying on the concrete with a puffed out bloody eye.
We think a hawk attacked him and dropped him.
We took Boo Boo to the humane society but nothing could be done.
He stayed overnight in my apartment and in the morning was still waking in circles, head down, dizzy, not eating.
Amimal control helped us place him outside and hope for the best.
4 days of worry! We all became so attached to him, it really hurt us to know he was suffering.
Today he came walking in looking for a snack.
He can walk now but eye still not have any vision or maybe only partial vision.
He has to turn his head weird to see different areas of his surroundings.
No external injury to cornea, eyes, just head trama like problem.
If anyone knows a good food, drink for him that will help heal the eye, let us know.

Clark Night and the kids.
Clarknight. I am an animal lover and hate to see animals in pain.
When I had my eye injury I used 'Silver Shield' from Nature's Sunshine company.
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It is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. I used this for my eye..without this Iwould have probably needed surgery .
You can put the drops in the eye and also internal (like on food,water or in a syringe directly in his mouth). If you can't get Silver Shield
which has a very high ppm try looking at your health food store for colloidal silver. As for his head trauma the only
thing I can suggest is he be kept still for a while so it can heal. The fact that he's walking around is a good sign he can recover.
I hope for the best. Its :'( me
Boo Boo says thanks!
.. and how is Boo Boo doing ?
I'm off myself to the beach today to what's know here as Bunny Heaven.. I've got food ! Smile
Thank you for your concern!
My neighbor thinks i am crazy to get so upset over a squirrel.
Boo Boo came by few times but i couldnt catch him so could not put nutrient in his eye.
Left him some water with Silver solution in it.
His eye was all bulging out and bloody, then, as it was healing it closed up, eyelid closed, no blood, and he was able to climb up 3 stories to visit a few times.
keep putting food outside for him so he does not need to climb up.
He stopped coming by for 4 days so i dont know if his eye finally opened or if a hawk, car got him since he is/was with only one eye.
I am hoping his eye opened and healed and he is out happy to have his full vision again, chasing the girl squirrels.
Wish Dr. Bates was here that day to work on Boo's eye.
aww.. well I'm happy to hear his eye was healing although we really don't know the condition of his eye. I wonder
if he has come by again since the time since you wrote this note .. ? In any case my suspicisons are the
same as yours, being only 1 eyed makes him vulnerable. When I went to the beach that day I saw one of the
bunnies.. I have never seen this before since going there since Jan of this year. One eye was just white..
the eye was looking raw and the skin and fur were kind of hanging over it. It was like the eye was sliced off..
The other eye seemed ok but the fur and skin around it had a big red gash above it. I don't know what could
have happened. They live in a place with all blackberry bushes, thorns everywhere. But this is good because
then the coyotes can't get in there because it's so dense and prickly. Maybe he was attacked by a coyote
or dog outside and away from the bushes, although the rest of his body was fine ? In any case
I couldn't look at him, it was traumatic for me. He came close to be fed and I just couldn't do it.
I ended up throwing the carrot close to him so he could eat.. It's so sad. Most of these bunnies are domestic
and people have let them go.. I don't know if he's going to survive with this kind of injury. I can't imagine the pain..
AH well.. there's my heart for animals..

Regards, Its Smile me
Wow! Poor bunny!
Sounds like that old story of the rabbit hiding from the fox in the briar patch.
Boo Boo has not been back yet.
Still hoping.
Sometimes he goes away for a month then comes back, so maybe he hit the high country to get better.
New squirrels coming by but I dont want to feed them.
One has a bite in his ear so we call him chip.
The landlord was afraid Boo might bite the tenants but it turns out Boo got hurt for being too trusting, friendly with people.
Thats my fault for turning him into a pet.
I suspect a tenant threw him off the balcony, if the hawk did not get him.
Now I know why they say 'Do not feed the bears' in the national parks.
Hi. The vision of a tenant hitting Boo Boo off a balcony is very cruel, but yes I understand what you mean about feeding wild animals .. At the beach here many people come and feed the bunnies. There are hundreds of them. A lot of people
come and pick them up as pets and others come and drop them off. I guess to some people animals are just
like laundry.. There are some wild bunnies, too, and they do intermix. So it's become an amazing potpourri of bunnies - different colours, types, sizes.. Bunny Heaven.

Well, I hope Boo Boo hit the high country. I'd like to envision it that way.
Let me know if you see him again.

Regards, Its Smile me
Its nice to have this forum to write on and to know all people aren't cruel to animals.
Those bunnies sound funny!
At least they multiply and keep their race alive!
P.S. - check out the new Emily Lierman, Bates page and free link on - navigation page 38.



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