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Clear flash after closing eyes for few seconds.
Hello everyone,
That's great forum and source of information for people with blurry vision! Keep it up! I'm implementing a new way of vision for a few weeks. My myopia is : L: 0.75 R: 1.25 + astigmatism. So to the point, while I was sitting today on lesson in school I noticed that my eyes are feeling tired (even if I tried to shift as much as possible) so I decided to relax them, of course I couldn't do palming at lesson so I started to close my eyes for about 5-10 seconds. While I was doing this I tried to imagine that after opening my eyes I will see better (for example I was imaging bright light, sharp corners, crystals, diamonds even glass) and I did see better! First time my eyes felt more relaxed so I continued closing my eyes. After a few tries I noticed almost 20/20 clear flash! That was amazing but well it faded after blink. So I don't gave up and after another few tries I had my first 20/20 clear flash in life! That was breathless, I knew it will fade after blink so I tried to hold on as long as possible. So here's my question, are these clear flash occuring because of correctly using eyes for a moment or it's just an optical trick and I should avoid this?
Thanks to this now while I'm writing this I can see more clearly just after a few "closing eye sessions".
Best regards.
To me the 2 indicators that you are using your eyes correctly are having them feel more relaxed, and also seeing more clearly. So it sounds like you're right on track -- nice going! Keep this up since it seems to be working for you, and see if you can determine just how you're straining (squinting? not blinking enough? something else?), just noticing what you're doing. That alone is often enough for the pattern to start loosening. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for reply Nancy, I will surely try to identificate what's causing strain in my eyes. Today was another boring day at school, so I kept testing my method. Well I didn't have 20/20 clear flash but uncounted times I've got a very nice, almost perfect vision. The problem is it keeps dissapearing after blink but some times after I blinked the vision get worse but it was stilll better than I usually had for over years.

They are occurring because you have probably discovered how to temporarily relieve your tension and mental strain - with the combination of closing your eyes, and remembering/imagining these things that are easy for you to form a precise, mental image of.

However, this is always at first an extremely fragile state, especially for recovering myopes, one which is disrupted by the slightest of things. It can be like walking a tightrope. Even a perfectly normal blink is one of those things which can trigger you to fall off the tightrope. Sounds unfair, I know, but consider how long your visual system has been operating incorrectly. It's automatically going to favor doing the wrong thing, until you've done the right things enough times, and it relearns that it's OK to go in that direction and stay in that direction. Every blink involves more than just the eyelid muscles - it involves a slight activation of all the extraocular muscles, which in turn can be just enough to trigger a disruption in that delicate, relaxed state.

One of the things you don't want to do is suppress your blinking. It can only lead to additional problems - very dry eyes, and a negative association with the blinking reflex itself. Never good, when blinking is so fundamental to normal sight and healthy eyes.

You will surely lose it countless times. No shame in that, it's par for the course. Keep going back to the well that brings you relief. It may be all you need. If not, there are also other things to learn about using the eyes correctly that can be of benefit to maintain the clarity. Shifting, swinging, noticing oppositional movement, noticing illusions of normal sight, etc. Some of it is discussed in the Introduction and Applying the Method sections of this site, and of course, in Bates' publications. Keep it simple, as the simplest thing, in Bates' words, was always the best thing.
Arocarty thanks for useful info! I would like to tell you that this morning I had best vision ever. Well I always see better after waking up, but today was special, I got up and looked at my digital clock standing on TV at opposite side of room. First of all it was little blurry but after a few blinks it was very sharp, like never! So I looked out of the window. Wow! I could see very clear car plates and texture of neigbourhood house walls! It wasn't 20/20 vision but strange thing happened, I saw pedestrian walking on the street, and instantly my vision gone so sharp, that I could see a writing on the bag he carried, I was sure it was 20/20 clear flash but it wasn't caused by closing eyes and imagining like I mentioned in posts before. After this clear flash I tried my method. I closed eyes few times and got second 20/20 clear flash. Overall I had this morning about four 20/20 clear flashes(one caused spontaneously and three caused by closing eyes for few seconds) so I think I'm making some kind of progress!
Now my vision isn't that good, because I noticed that when I sit for long time on computer it's getting worse, so I think that another thing to get my vision better is to reduce time spent with computer.
Hey, that's super. Your visual system is catching on, and the more it catches on, the more spontaneous it will respond to simple things, especially when examining things that catch your interest - like the pedestrian. Let your attention be drawn to those details, but likewise, just let it keep moving and changing, don't over test it, or let it get hung up on anything for more than a second or so.

The slower, soft, gentle blinks seem to be much less disruptive, and frequently beneficial. Probably because it requires that the facial and other muscles be more relaxed in order to do so. I also find it helpful to often shift during the blink - such that when the blink was finished, I am looking at some other point, either closer, farther, vertically, or horizontally. It's a natural, normal thing to do, and helps loosen some of the rigidity of our shifting. Normal shifting is an extremely fluid, continuous motion.

Near point work isn't necessarily bad - more likely there's a lot of tension and rigidity held in your eyes, because of how you use them. Many of the same principles apply at the near point as they do at the distance - just on a much smaller scale. Pay attention to the details, but keep the attention moving, don't lock onto anything. Keep those slow, soft blinks going, and take lots of deep, slow breaths. Close your eyes for longer, or as long as you need, if you sense you need to.

You're right arocarty, slow and deep breaths are very calming and they are sure very important in regaining healthy vision because I have noticed that they relax whole body including eyes and face muscles. Now I'm still in process of experimenting and observation of my whole body. Also I'm trying to remember about constant blinking but I don't want to force it, I feel that blinking should occur almost automaticaly. So I want to be aware of blinking but I'm trying not to force it and not to think about it all time! Next thing I would love to experience is of course more relaxed way of seeing and longer clear flashes (one which won't dissapear after blink maybe?) so I could notice this "right moment of seeing". This would allow me to try recall it consciously!

So overall this week was a breakthrough for me. I knew this site and David's method for abouth two months from now and at that time I was learning to shift, understading that I was staring and overusing eyes for years and this is answer to my myopia. For this two months I was dreaming about having short 20/20 clear flash and here we go, I've not only got one but a few! So I'm looking brightly into future!
Yay for you! Ever since I went myopic I've only had 2 flashes of clear vision. The first time my prescription was probably close to what you have and I knew nothing of Bates the first time. I awoke one morning and immediately my vision was clear for probably about 5 seconds. The tension of that clarity however, made me lose it not to be found until a week or 2 ago a few years later. My prescription is approximately -4 for my right and approximately -4.25 for my left eye as of now. I've successfully flat-lined my prescription with the method, but now I need to relax enough to regain clear vision. My second time I had drifted off to sleep the night before while kindof palming in bed and awoke to vibrations that I was trying to discern as to whether or not it was an earthquake by visual reference and had a momentary 1/2 second clear flash, although due to numerous things I was unable to secure the relaxation to keep it… Eventually I'll get there! Keep it up.
Thanks for sharing your story FIAT2LUX! I'm not quite sure but you said that first time, when you had clear flash your prescription was close to mine, so your sight has much worsened! Don't worry that day must come! As for me, my myopia appeared in junior high school. I think that when I was at elementary school my vision was perfect. But well I'm not quite sure because I didn't made snellen tests at that time. So my vision is worsening for about 4-6 years, I'm glad my myopia isn't bigger! But it's not the reason to give up.

Time for little update.

Today I had few 20/20 clear flashes and an nice amount of better but not perfect vision flashes! At morning I realised that I can have a 20/20 clear flash just when I want to, just closing eyes for few seconds thinking about something that looks sharp and pretty at my imagination (for example steel handwatch with shiny glass visor) and here we go! Car plates and pedestrian look amazingly sharp! But problem is always the same: it dissapears after blink... Maybe some time it won't fade?

I have also noticed that weather like cold and strong wind is affecting negatively on my sight (There's winter coming in Poland. Also I'm lacking in sunlight, it would be helpful, always better to see when sun is shining). But there's a plus usually when I was coming home from school my eyes always felt very tired and kind of dry but now it's a lot better and they are far more relaxed whole time.

Best regards!
How you can actually visualize stuff in your head or mind?
How does it work and how does it feel?
Do yo simply close your eyes and think about something and you feel it and see it in your mind?
blwegrzyn Wrote:Skywalker,
How you can actually visualize stuff in your head or mind?
How does it work and how does it feel?
Do yo simply close your eyes and think about something and you feel it and see it in your mind?
Hi blwegrzyn! Well how do I visualize? To be honest I've never thought about it because I think it's simple that it's not worth thinking about ( just like our sight should be). How does it work ? Well for me it's just closing eyes and here we go, we are in dark place called imagination so when I want some thing to appear in it I'm trying to rember exactly same thing I saw in reality (You can also imagine your own things that you just never saw in reality but it's easier to just look at thing remmeber it's details and try to "build" it in your mind. If you have problems with it just practice by taking any thing you want for example kitchen knife. Look at it and try to remember it's shape, how it deflects the light, is it made from shiny metal or not? Ask some questions like that, try to answer them and just close your eyes and try to recall this knife with all details you looked at. Also if you will practice more you can add some source of light in your imagination and imagine how this knife will deflex
ct imagined light :-) Remeber imagination creates endless of possibilities.
Another update.

I think that imagination is neccesarry in getting off the strain. I was underestimating it's power...! Today I was learning for math exam for about 5 hours from 4PM. In past that kind of learning sessions was bringing a very heavy strain in my eyes. So it did today. But something changed... The strain wasn't so heavy, and I could see pretty nice. After learning I was chilling out, listening to music, doing nothing.. So I closed my eyes while listening and as my mind usually do while listening to music, it started to imagine various of things, people, events. (you must know that feeling when listening to music with closed eyes, you just fly away to space! :] ) Then when I opened my eyes I noticed that all strain had gone! I have also got clear flash ( but not 20/20). Until now I have repeated it few times and it always works, getting off strain and clears vision!

Also last night I got up very early to just go to WC. It was 3.50 am. Well I got up and as usually looked at digital clock on my TV. Wow! It was almost without an blur! I blinked normally few times and vision got even clearer! So I looked at window, it was still completly dark but I could almost read the car plates of cars standing at other side of street! Well I couldn't read all letters and numbers but I have never had such sharp vision at night before! That was awesome, also I looked up at sky. It was clear with some stars glittering. Their light was almost at one single, sharp point. (Before when I looked at stars their light wasn't so concentrated). Also yesterday I have started reading Bob Fingerbild's book about Bates method. I know I will find very useful information here but book is in my native language so it's worth to read!

Best regards!
Yay for you! I downloaded the 1 page Snellen from which goes from 20/70 down to 20/4 and while the big F is only recognizable at 80 cm if I remember the O on the 20 line after a few moments I have slight flashes of improved vision doubling the distance! I don't know if you've been able to read some of the case stories from Dr. Bates clinic but after sitting on the discovery of his method for 2 years I'm glad to find use in applying it for both myself and others.
Hey FIAT2LUX, are these charts prepared to view on computer screen or I should print them?
The page where you access the one page chart (out of several others as well) gives a measuring guide. If you check the picture with a ruler, you'll see if it is true to size.

Happy sight!


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