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Hello and EYEPORT

My name is Helder and I am new to this forum! It is great to be here.

I am also new (in a way) to vision improvement although I have a long history wih my vision (that I can tell in another topic). I was familiar with Dr. Bates' theories, but only now I am taking this issue more seriously and with awareness.

I have one question for now: has anybody tried the EYEPORT? This is a visual exercise device designed by Dr. Jacob Liberman. Please see <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> for details. I was just wondering if any of you have tried it and if it helped improve your vision. In the website Dr. Liberman states that this is not designed to reduce prescriptions and improve one's eyesight, but rather for eye/mind performance. But since he is also a clear advocate of removing one's glasses (see the book "Take off your glasses and see") I wonder if this device would help, and so feedback from people aiming at improving their vision and removing teir glasses got benefit from this device woudl be helpful.

Thank you so much!
Dear Friend,
I have read his book. He has done incredible work to "futher" Dr. Bates methods. In one sequence, he showed that even ODs could clear their Snellens by these relaxation methods. (Perhaps not Bates, but no one seems to agree that issue.) I think so much of his work that I will post short segments of his book to encourage the people posting on i-blindness.
Howdy pilgrim,

Bates teacher Robert Lichtman of has lent the Eyeport to clients and it's helped them. Anything that relaxes the eyes will improve myopia - testing for that is another matter, and is more difficult to do. I think the Eyeport is worth investigating for its own sake whether or not it directly reduces myopia. According to Martin Sussman myopes have poor visual performance so I think the Eyeport would help with that.

Cheers, John
Thanks for the reply John, that was very helpful. I have the same intuitive feeling but it is good to know about people who tried first hand.

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