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Neck vertebrae misalignment affects vision, hearing, balance
I always had greatly improved vision, balance, movement from going to chiropractors.
They always turned/poped my neck to the left and right when aligning it.
In 2006 and 2007 a chihropractor aligned my neck by turning/poping to only one side resulting in endless loud ear ringing and off balance feeling and a small black spot in center of visual field..
Going to a different chiropractor (paying cash) and having her turn/pop the neck on both left and right sides immediately cured the ringing and balance. Was in perfect alignment for a year after one or two visits to her.
Recently this year this chiropractor decided to change her treatment and to turn/pop my neck on only one side.
The ear ringing and black spot came back and did not go away. A second alignment she did on one side did not fix it but a 3rd alignment in which I begged her to align both left and right sides reduced the ringing 80%.
Finally had to have x-rays and new doctor found C1 (atlas?) top neck vertebrae out of alignment from the spine and bone on the base of my skull.
Past x-rays before the one sided alignments did not show this.
The new chiropractor turned the neck both left and right sides, aligned, brought movement to C1 and lower neck vertebrae C4, C5 around that area and the ringing is gone so far.
Chiropracotr said sometimes only one side needs to be done in some people depending on their condition but i always get a problem when only one side is done. Also said only the bones that need to be aligned, moved should be adjusted.
Question - Is the both left and right side alignment done to keep the vertebrae the doctor is moving centered, balanced perfectly on the spine or
is turning to the left and right working on two different vertebrae that need to be moved to two different directions to get them centered, aligned with the spine.
I know C1 is a main vertebrae for the eyes, ears, brain. Not good to have it misaligned!
Theres a old story on tv news about how a Edgar Cayce treatment - aligning C1, 2, 3, reversed, completely cured a womans blindness. The black spot shrunk and disappeared right after the vertebrae was aligned correct.
Before the treatment she had a black spot growing bigger in the center of her visual field and eye doctors told her she would go blind.
Heres my new chiropractors website. Seems pretty good!

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