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Pinhole glasses are they bad?
I've been wondering about Pinhole glasses and whether they are bad for your eyes are they? Do they improve vision at all?

I read on one website that they start Saccadic Shifting and saccadic movements???

I've been thinking about ordering my own pair or making my own?

Good luck to all,
blauw Tongue
Dear Friend,

Subject: Pin Hole -- limited use.

1. They work.

2. They are not "bad"

3. They will "clear your Snellen" if you are at 20/70.

4. They work in bright light.

5. They limit your scope of vision.

6 If you are at 20/70, it would be batter to wear no minus lens -- and use them only as necessary.

Check around to health food stores, etc. to find a cheap pair. They won't improve your vision permanently but may allow you to see TV or read without prescription glasses. Don't drive with them as they obstruct too much of the visual field & wouldn't be safe.
Thanks for your responses.

I'll see if I can find them in my city.

One question totally unrelated to pinhole glasses..... How exactly do you do the infinity swing (figure eight)? I'm a little confused....

Good luck to all,

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