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crystals in eyes
My Dad takes 12 drugs for heart problem and other conditions.
Was malled by a bull 10 years ago and lost 32 inches of his intestines, had a stroke and many heart attackes in hospital and afterward.
Now gets hard crystals in his eyes, film on eyes that lowers vision. Crystals come out of the eyes daily.
Drugs or combination of drugs may be causing this but doctors say drug companies wont tell all side effects of drugs so he cant find out which drugs cause it.
Can this also be a type of dry eye?
Any natural treatments?
Eye doc has him on prescription eye drops but we all know the side effects of that drug.
Dear Clark,
I am certain these doctors are acting in "good faith".
But few have time to review "secondary effects".
They feel that the primary "effect" is all they need to know about.

But this is the same as Bates, who felt that an over-prescribed minus had
a "secondary effect" that you should know about.

He felt so strongly that he published a book (at his cost) to make the
dangers of the minus lens clear to us.

So a valuable purpose of "Imagination blindness" is to have the
"imagination" to preceive the secondary and adverse effect of
wearing a minus lens all the time.

Prevention best,

How sad, Clark. Sad Your dad could try taking Ionic angstrom nanoparticle Magnesium.
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Most of us are depleted of Magnesium (re: my previous post on teeth) and is the most important mineral that our bodies need, most of all the heart. Maybe this could help him ? I would only recommend this form because the other Magnesiums are not absorbably and you get diahrrea. Similarly Magnesium OIl to bathe and massage into the body and even directly onto
the heart area.. Who knows he may be ableto reduce or quit his medication if he sees improvement !!

As for his eyes, I couldn't know, but I am thinking those crystals are maybe toxins.. I mean, considering he is taking
SO MUCH prescription medications.. I know the eyes are a reflection of our whole bodies health.. The Magnesium
could help even his eyes.. but other than that I don't have any ideas except for the n-acetylcarnosine eyedrops or Dr Christopher's eyebright/cayenne eyewash to help detoxify, hydrate and rebuild the eye's ocular health..

Take care,
Regards, Its Smile me
Clark, you may want to post your inquiry on as there is approx 6,000 people online at one time. Forums
to post should/could be 'ask curezone', 'eye problems' and 'eyesight' forums. You can post the question to all 3 forums in one post.

Regards, Its Smile me
Good call Otis; he still keeps putting on those darn glasses even though Bates Method works for him.
A stubbornness thing my parents still do when they know I am coming by for a visit to show me they have their own way.
If I pop over without calling first, they dont have the glasses on. Crazy!!
Some people I teach Bates method to refuse to try it, then, later, they study it on their own, make it "their own idea," obtain clear vision and wont admit the Bates method cured the vision.

Thanks itsme, I been so busy, forgot about curezone.
Magnesium sounds good. He takes magnesium pills but i know it does not absorb cause he does not feel that great relaxation and deep sleep...from it.
I will try it too.


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