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"he attained 30-10 vision, which is three times better than
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By Robert Lewanski and Robert Zuraw

How would you like to have perfect eyesight for close and distant seeing? It can be done.

Master Hynoong Sunim, a Zen Master, was tested for far and close visionby Robert Zuraw back in 1989. Zuraw was amazed to find that Master Sunim could read an average book print at 40 feet away. That is 40-10 vision, four times better than 20-20 vision. Robert Zuraw had 30-10 vision, after being pronounced “legally blind” without glasses—that is called advanced progressive myopia–after returning from Viet Nam in 1964. He practiced vision training exercises, changed his diet, took herbs and supplements—and he attained 30-10 vision, which is three times better than 20-20 vision.

Vision can be improved when ones’ health and overall vitality is improved and restored, in addition to performing eye strengthening exercises, eye tracking and eye tracing methods, and simple daily natural eye habits. This is all very simple and easy to do. It just takes a little understanding and study, and practice. To be good at anything in life, it takes practice, perseverance and dedication. There is an ancient spiritual formula for attaining goals in life. It goes like this. Energy Flow goes in this direction for any goal or project to be successful in life: PRACTICE + INTENTION = INNER HARMONY = CHI (SPIRIT) FLOW = SUCCESS, HEALTH AND LONGEVITY.

So, we must practice with intention and calmness, and in the NOW, which gives us inner harmony, which allows our Chi (Spirit) to flow in the direction of success, and in this case, health and vision improvement. Health and vision go hand in hand. High level health and energy, combined with relaxation and stress reduction, gives us clear and sharp vision.

Corrections in the formation of the eyeball can be made by exercising the tiny ciliary or extraocular muscles on each side of the eyeball. This is a group of six muscles that move the eyes side to side, and up and down, allowing you to track a golf ball, tennis ball or baseball flying through the air. In addition, a healthy alkaline bloodstream can restore all cells, including those of the eyes to their normal efficiency.

This article is intended to show you why and how vision may be corrected by exercises and healthy living and without the use of glasses.

The Miracle of Vision and the Eye

Vision occurs when rays of light reflect from an object and come to a focus exactly on the retina of the eyeball. The retina is the motion picture screen of the eye.

From there the optic nerve carries the image to the sight center of the brain. If any part of the eyeball is defective, distorted vision results.

When the eyeball is not spherical but is elongated on its horizontal axis, the condition of MYOPIA (nearsightedness) results. When the eyeball is elongated on its vertical axis, the condition of HYPERMETROPIA (farsightedness) results. Any abnormal shape of the eyeball produces defective vision.

It is possible to produce and maintain normal curvature of the eyeball by exercising the six external muscles of the eye and the internal ciliary eye muscles.

Actually, the camera was invented from observing how the eye takes in images and registers them in the brain. The camera was designed from exactly how the eye sees things. The eyes and vision are a virtual miracle of nature and the Light coming from the heavens and beyond. We are light beings, manifested as human beings—we come from the Light of Creation, and we see with the Light of Creation out into the world. It is said that the Creative Force of the Universe looks out into the natural world through our eyes.

Just as disease cannot attack a body which has a healthy, alkaline bloodstream, cells and tissues, so can it not attack an eye which is fed by a normal, alkaline bloodstream, and exercises properly. Our vision and eyes is as much an organ of the body as is the stomach, intestines and liver, and should be treated as a precious gift of life. Any form of blood pollution weakens the body, and this weakness is reflected in the eyes. To have naturally healthy, beautiful, sharp and clear vision, it is necessary to get rid of the acidosis and toxic debris in the system, and then supply the bloodstream with the proper alkaline food elements in their natural form.

A Revolutionary New Way to Clear Sharp Eyesight

Thousands of people with so-called incurable eye condition have overcome their eye problems by the simple process of strengthening the eye muscles, and cleansing the blood, colon, kidneys, and especially the liver, which controls and directly nourishes the eyes, the eye muscles and the overall vision, thereby restoring every cell in the eye, organs, blood and tissues back to normal high level health and vibrancy. Yes, the Liver is the main organ of the eyes and vision. And the colon also controls the liver function. When the colon is clean and moving efficiently and properly–at least twice a day bowel movements–the liver is kept clear and toxic-free, thus allowing the vision to maintain clarity and sharpness for close and distant seeing. When the colon is toxic, it dumps its excess wastes into the liver, and the liver then becomes congested, showing up in the eyes as yellowish eye whites, jaundice, blurry vision, black spots and close and distant seeing problems.

Glasses, contacts or laser surgery cannot restore to normal the function of the eye or eye muscles. Once glasses or contacts are worn, the existing defect increases with time as the eye muscles become weak, frozen and stiff, losing their tone and power of accommodation. Lack of eye exercises makes them weaker,until stronger lenses must be substituted to offset the failing vision. Glasses and contacts and surgery are “crutches.”

They do not get at the cause, and are not cures.

Why wear glasses when proper exercise and proper eating will permanently remove the need for any artificial aid? Why allow your eyes to become old and suffer the afflictions of age when the proper food, herbs and supplements, minerals and vitamins can keep them young?

Powerful Proven Natural Eyesight Improvement Exercises

This system of eye training exercises has been around for millennia, literally going back to Egypt, India, Tibet, Old Europe and China. The key to improving your vision is to be consistent with they natural eye habits and exercises. If you perform these exercises at least 3 times a week, for about 15 to 20 minutes each session, you will see your vision improve by degrees, depending on how weak your vision is now. You must give it time and practice. You can also perform daily eye habits throughout the day, while waiting in line at the bank or store, or sitting in traffic, or even while driving. Be creative, and learn to stretch your vision, and look at distant objects and close objects alternatively. There are different forms of eye exercises—some are to be performed at home, some outside, and others as daily eye habits, while at work, walking or about town.

For now, you can start performing these simple accommodation ciliary eye exercises at home.

Perform these eye movement exercises ten times each.

1. Stand facing a wall in center of room—do not move head. Look horizontally from one side of room to the other.

2. Next, move eyes vertically from ceiling to floor.

3. Use corners of the wall as a guide and look first left obliquely from ceiling to floor and right obliquely.

4. Rotate eyeball only, keep head still and straight forward close to wall, looking in wide circle at your farthest point of vision, left to right, then right to left.

5. Hold a pencil at arms length and bring it slowly toward center of eyebrows, focusing on it, then move it away slowly to arms length again—eyes focused on it.

6. Focus the eyes on a close object, like a table or picture or chair, then immediately look out the window at a distant object. Keep this up for a one to four minutes, and see if you can bring each object clearly into focus.

7. Close or squeeze eyes tightly. Don’t be afraid of squeezing the eyes too hard. They need the blood circulation and exercise this movement gives you. Do this rapidly, opening, closing and squeezing in succession, ten or twenty times. This exercise makes use of all the eye muscles by contracting them, thus increasing the circulation and bringing new blood to all the tissues around the eyes. This normalizes the action of the tear duct glands, helping them to furnish an alkaline solution which keeps the eyes young and bring.

Perform these exercises at least 3 times a week, but don’t overdo it, because the eye need rest between the eye exercise days. If you don’t rest your eyes, they will not heal properly, and good vision will escape you. No eye exercise on the weekends, but you can do the simple natural eye habits, like looking at distant and near objects any time or place. I will give other natural eye habit exercises at the Festival lecture.

Remove your glasses when you do your eye exercises, and leave them off for short intervals during the day. Squeeze your eyes often when reading. This gets blood circulation to them. Have the lenses of your glasses or contacts lowered periodically, as your eyes improve under this Perfect Eyesight Program. Do not discard your glasses at first, until you have totally strengthened your eyes.

The Rejuvenative Cleansing Lemon Juice Eye Bath

I knew of a man who was 105 years of age, who took this “lemon juice eye bath” daily. He ate natural foods, wore no glasses and has perfect eyesight.

Eye Cleansing Lemon Juice Eye Bath Formula: Put two drops of fresh raw lemon juice in a glass “eye-cup” (purchase at drug store), and fill with distilled water, and wash the eyes with it, at least once a day. He did it three times a day. After two weeks, increase to four drops of lemon juice per eye-cup of distilled water. This is a very powerful, invigorating and strengthening method to remove toxic fatigue of the eyes, and clear your vision. The eyes have a sparkle t after washing them in this manner.

The Power of Green to Heal the Liver and Vision

Yes, mom told you to eat your greens. Now you know why. They heal and protect your liver and eyesight. They are protective foods, loaded with vitamin A, C, Posassium, Chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and natural sulphur compounds, as in broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage—all recommended to prevent all kinds of cancers. How about those sweet red peppers—the “red color” helps the eye cones, along with high Vitamin A, and give you sharp and clear eyesight. Are you getting a daily dose of those super green powders like, spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, alfalfa liquid—they are all super charged with all known nutrients and rich in chlorophyll for a health liver and blood stream, which feeds the eyes and brain. Some of the most powerful herbs to help protect your vision and eyes are: bilberry, gingko, alpha lipoic acid, magnesium, milk thistle, lutein and many others. The Eye Secrets are forthcoming.

If you want to attain good health and superior vision, these four pointers are essential:

1. Stop all junk foods, trans fats, candy, cakes, pop, chips, margarine, aspartame, sucralose, sugar, white flour, white rice, commercial steroid laden diary products, commercial feed lot animal foods and above all—fast foods. Fast foods only lead to a fast grave.

2. Clear toxins from the eyes, liver, stomach and colon. Eat mostly whole alkalizing food.

3. Nourish the eyes and body with nutrient dense organic(if possible) foods, super food supplements and special herbal liver and eye formulas.

1. Strengthen the eye focusing muscles with specific eye improvement exercises. Perform daily natural eye habits.

Follow all these suggestions conscientiously, with dedication and perseverance, and undreamed of results are sure. Discipline leads to freedom. Discipline in all areas of life is the law of all development on the planet. Be consistent with this program, and your eyes will gratefully reward you with sharp and clear vision. You will have youthful eyes for many years. Merely reading this article, and then not doing the exercises or cleansing and eating habits will not give you the results you seek. You must do something about it through your own efforts. If you need eye-correction training, you can contact me for supervision. Your eyesight is too important for experimentation.

Robert Lewanski is the co-author of “The Secrets of Perfect Eyesight,”

which he received training in the Zuraw Eye Improvement Training System.™

He is a Certified Ayurvedic Nutritional Counselor

Herbalist, Five Element Body Typing System and

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Chi Kung Trainer, Personal Exercise

Trainer, & Massage/Shiatsu Therapist, with over 25 years of

Research, practice and training. For consultations, he can

be reached at: 248-680-8688 or <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.
That is excellent. Thanks for the post.

Some of these things are good, nutrition.
When looking close and far, the eyes should shift on the far object, then shift on the near object.
Shifting, central fixation combined with looking close and far will improve the vision.
Do with both eyes, one eye a ta time, both together again. If vision is less clear in one eye, practice again with that eye.
Squeezing the eyes closed is not Bates method.
Circulation improves with natural Bates method: shifting, central fixation, palming, neck relaxation, movement of body, head with the eyes, same direction. and exercise, nutrition, diet.
Forcing the eyes in a different direction than the head is directed causes eye muscle tension, strain, blur.
Eye baths can break down the eyes natural tear structure, cause dry eyes.
Blink, fresh sunlight on the eyes is beneficial.
good to see someone correcting wrong views. After I read it, this whole article seemed wrong. Although 40-10 and 30-10 seem awesome, they pretty much are not Bates method at all in this article. It seems to make it appear that we have to "earn" perfect vision through discipline and training, but Bates said that there is NOTHING to do for perfect vision. Thoughts of effort just ruin it. There is no one routine to do and you cannot do too much because all Bates is about is relaxing. Eye muscles are not like arm muscles!!! It is likely that the Zen master is practicing Bates but attributes his success to herbs, routines, etc. Dont be a slave to a routine or procedures!!! This is hard but it must be done.


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