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Sleep posture
Anyone pay attention to that?

In the Bates magazines, it says to sleep on your back.

I find this is really the only way I can get a good night's sleep, and my vision is better when I wake up (less eyestrain is going on during the night, I'm guessing).

The trouble is, I find getting OFF to sleep that way very hard.

Anyone got any ideas, tips, suggestions about sleep posture?

Same here -- when I can manage to fall asleep on my back I wake up very rested. Usually I need to lie on my side to fall asleep (maybe feeling more safe?), & when I do this I need to plump up the pillow a lot or use more pillows so the space between my shoulder & head is filled in, & my neck isn't all twisted. When I'm on my back, I want the pillow much flatter.
Yes. I generally sleep on my side using 2 pillows, but on my back I only want one. I'll try experimenting with pillows to make sure my neck isn't twisted. Yes, I think sleeping on one's side makes us feel safer, and also, everyone else does it giving us the impression it's normal and lying on the back is abnormal.
Perhaps if I go to bed very late I'll be so tired I will fall asleep faster and generally when I listen to relaxing music through headphones this helps too, mainly I think as a way of distracting me from my thoughts. Another interesting thing I've tried which is sometimes quite helpful is to go to sleep with my eyes open. It seems to make me get increasingly tired and relaxed whereas if I have my eyes closed that sometimes doesn't happen, and I'll just fall asleep (my eyes just close naturally then ... at least I hope they do!) Through this technique I've been able to get to sleep during times when many people can't, such as if it's really hot weather or very noisy outside. When I tell them my secret, I don't think they'd believe me so I keep my mouth shut.
Cheers, JW
When I go to sleep now, I make sure that my eyes/face are facing the window. I realized about 9 months ago that I had been sleeping turned away from the window light. That is good for late sleeping and deep sleeping maybe, but visually it is incorrect. Sleep facing the light/window.
That's good advice, thanks.
Sleeping with the head to magnetic north like some animals instictively do.
What is purpose? Energy flow??
Hi everybody!
I tried a lot of times to sleep on my back but it seem impossible to me to fall asleep in that position.
I will try my best tonight but if after 45 minutes I'm still awake, I will go sleep on my side.

When I wake up in the morning at +-6h40, my sight is much lowered but after that I can palm and easily put back my sight at 10/7 in flashes and 10/15 - 10/20 for the rest of the time.


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