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Will it work in winter time
there isnt much daylight or sunlight in the UK this time of year, I might catch some in the morning.

but can I improve my eyesight at this time of year.

Ive never had an improvement in my eyesight

Ive tried the long swing but it just doenst seem to work, its like nothing is happening
Dear Fuggles,
I should work in wintertime. Are you reading your Snellen? Are you "sunning"? What is your Snellen at this time. Are you avoiding the wearing of a minus lens?

Remember, Dr. Bates in his 1913 study said that it took six to nine months to get the Snellen to claer from 20/70 to normal with this effort.

Keep up the work -- don't give up.

Not exactly a Bates technique, but during winter, I've found, along with many on this board, that their vision is drastically improved while it's snowing. Something with the constant movement, perhaps opposite movement, can likely explain this. In the end though, if it's snowing, take a walk outside.

*Note: Not recommending a walk during a blizzard.
I take back what I said. If I wake up early enough, I could easily catch about 4 hours a day.

Compared to the 8 hours a day during summer.
Even here in Hellas the night are longer and earlier, and the weather is cloudy.

Yes you can catch up with the Sun at early times, but for some people might be impossible.

But i don't think that not sunning for some time will keep anyone back. Maybe the progress is slower, but it can't actually keep you back.

And one more think.
Anyone tried the LED's?

A good LED torch seems to work just fine.


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