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Hostage to the Dr. and Rx - Looking for advice
My prescription for contacts is -6
I was lucky enough to have been able to order -5 contacts online without them complaining
When I went to order -4.5 they said NO, they called the and the Dr. not only said no, he said my prescription had expire but it hadn't.

I am looking for a different Dr. and a different company that would let me order on my own accord. Think about it, when your physician gives you an Rx for some medicine, you go to wall greens and get a bottle of pills. Then you go home and you can take the pills as prescribed, take less than prescribed or not take any.

With vision Rx, you are really hostage. They wont sell you contacts that are less powerful than the ones your Rx specifies. It is my body, my eyes, and if I want to wear weaker lenses it should be MY CHOICE.

Today, I feel disappointed, actually disgusted. I literally feel as if I am held hostage by money interests, the Dr, and the company selling lenses that has to follow the law set by govt which made the law under the influence of lobbyists money from the same Dr's that write the Rx.

This is the case in the US - I dont know about Canada or other countries.

Can anyone offer me some ideas, beside finding a new Dr and doing another eye exam every time my eyes got stronger to get a new prescription?

Any idea about Canadian laws when it comes to ordering contacts?

Plz send me a PM with your ideas. In my opinion, if there is a way that still works around the system, let's not give it much publicity because it may be made illegal.

Dear Seeker of wisdom,

Subject: Being screwed by the "system".

You are correct. This is what Dr. Bates "fought against". I only look for a better future when the power of "money" and "position" is reduced.

Good luck,
[comment deleted by author's request]
Many links to optical businesses.
Some work with Behavioral Optometrists for reduced lenses.
Contacts are hard to fit, dangerous anyway. Use reduced eyeglasses.

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