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Palming doesnt work for everyone - survey results
That website is run by greg marsh, who set up a palming survey.

Hes most well known for his best sellingcd set on mercola's website, where most people first hear about the bates method.

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Personally, palming has never ever worked for me and I have done it over , maybe, 60 or 70 times over a 6 month period, sometimes doing it for 1 and a half hours. I Think I had a flash for about half a second maybe, whilst palming in front of the snellen, but Im really not sure.

I am, however, going to give palming another try , when i receive my reduced lenses in the post. I am wishfully thinking it will help me get adjusted to the new lenses.
Doctor Mercola is a great man. He shows people from the normal medical field and many patients about this alternative healing that is far outside the cardboard box.

I think whatever suits someone, they should do, and whatever doesn't, don't.

Of course, if you're really not sure if you've ever had a clear flash from palming, you won't be sure if you've ever had rewards of palming either, right? I heard once that you can't be anxious when opening your eyes from a palming session("Will my vision be improved when I open them?"). That's probably what gets me the most. That or: palming really doesn't work for EVERYONE.
OF COURSE it's not working for everyone !

We are the same species, but everyone is different from each other. Even twins with the same DNA are different in character. Even clones will be different.

Quote:I think whatever suits someone, they should do, and whatever doesn't, don't.
That's very truth my friend, i agree.

When someone is Palming, even if the method works in general, there are many, many factors that can effect the palming and is possible that these factors will form a barrier to any successful results.

Do your "Brain Work" people! Wink

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