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eagleguy's thousand questions
William Horatio Bates said that if make a thought with effort you get mental strain which is bad for your vision. Ex: You can tell the truth without effort, but when you lie you need to make effort to think what to say to lie. But i don't get what it means to do the right thing by not use effort to make a thought because what if you're in school... you will need to think things out to study and do your homework and classwork....isn't that a thought of effort(which is bad)?
When you do palming, Bates said you are suppose to imagine some thing black like a period. But how about the background of the period, what color do we imagine that? Black also? We imagine a black period on a black background, so it's all black...?
What does it mean to shift and then produce a swing? What does it mean to swing the letters on the test card? And what does it mean to do shifting and swinging with a mental picture of a letter and then it improves to do shifting and swinging on visual letters? I actually don't know what shifting and swinging is and how to do it. But I did read the chapter, I didn't get it though. So before answering the questions above, what exactly is shifting and swinging?
How do I achieve central fixation? I only know that Bates said if you achieve it, you can see perfectly of the center of your eyes.
Does daydreaming cause mental strain and worsened vision? I read about Bates saying if you are not focus and is unconscious, like daydreaming, it causes mental strain. An example I've heard to prevent mental strain of this was to juggle which improves your focus.
What does Bates mean that not light but darkness is danger to eyes? How can the dark be danger to your eyes? William Bates said that reading in moving cars and lying down while reading is beneficial to eyes, but how? Bates also said vision under difficult conditions is good mental training. How is it good if it's uncomfortable which is like straining, right? I've always heard people saying reading in the car and lying down while reading gives you headaches and worsened vision.
What is Photographic Type Reduction? Bates said if can read Photographic Type Reduction, then your vision are benefited.
"A man of sixty-five who had been under treatment for rheumatism for six months without improvement obtained temporary relief by palming, and by the time his vision had become normal the relief of the rheumatism was complete." (From Perfect Sight Without Glasses). Ok so if i palm, I will get temporary good vision, but so if continue to improve and get a complete cure of vision to 20/20 or better, then it's permanent right?
"With a little training anyone with good sight can be taught to remember black perfectly with the eyes closed and covered, and with a little more training anyone can learn to do it with the eyes open." (From Perfect Sight Without Glasses). Does this mean that if you achieve palming on remembering perfect black like a perfect black period, you can remember perfect black like a period in your mind with your eyes open?
"The patient was directed to look at a large black letter, note its blackness, then to cover her closed eyes with the palms of her hands, shutting out all the light, and to remember the blackness of the letter until she saw everything black." (from Perfect Sight Without Glasses) Ok so when you remember the blackness of the letter, what color are you suppose to remember the background of the black letter as, black also? It said to remember the blackness of the letter until she sees everything black, but what does it mean by everything black, does it mean until the letter and the background are both perfectly all black?
"Not only does the memory of perfect sight relieve pain and the symptoms of disease, but in some cases it produces manifest relief of the causes of these symptoms. Coughs, colds, hay fever, rheumatism and glaucoma are among the conditions that have been relieved in this way."

"A patient under treatment for imperfect sight from a high degree of mixed astigmatism one day came to the office with a severe cold. She coughed continually, and there was a profuse discharge from both eyes and nose. There was some fever, with a severe pain in the eyes and head, and the patient was unable to breathe through her nose because of the inflammatory swelling. Palming was successful in half an hour, when the pain and discharge ceased, the nose opened, and the breathing and temperature became normal. The benefit was permanent - a very unusual thing after one treatment." (from Perfect Sight Without Glasses). Ok so relaxation of palming or other methods not only relax the strain in the eyes but also relieves colds, coughs, fever, etc. But what does it mean by permanently? Does it mean if you achieve the complete cure of relaxation then you will never have a cold (including other symptoms listed above) ever again for the rest of your life?
"On January 13, 1915, the vision without glasses had improved to 10/70 for the right eye, and 10/50 for the left. On February 6, the vision of the right eye was 10/40 and of the left 10/30. The eyes were apparently straight, and scientific tests showed that both were used at the same time (binocular single vision). On April 17, after about four months' treatment, the vision of the left eye was normal, and there was binocular single vision at six inches. On May 1 the vision of the left eye was still normal, and whereas at the beginning the patient had been unable to read with it at all, even with glasses, she now read diamond type without glasses at six inches."
"On August 16, 1916, the patient had an attack of infantile paralysis which was then epidemic. The sight of both eyes failed, the muscles that turned the eyes in and out were paralyzed, the eyelids twitched, and there was double vision."
"On November 9 she returned for treatment without any conspicuous squint, but still suffering from double vision, with the images sometimes on the same side and sometimes on opposite sides. On November 23 the eyes were straight and the vision normal." (from Perfect Sight Without Glasses)
Ok so this patient had amblyopia and squint in 1915 but cured it with the bates method by relieving strain. But a year later, 1916, she had her eyes relapsed and turned out even worser. Then she returned to Dr. Bates and got her vision, ambylopia and squint, healed again. And after 2 years later in 1918, there were still no relapse. It looks like that her vision is permanently cured. But my question is that why did her vision relapse at her first cured? Didn't she achieve a complete cured at first? It really sucks how someone gets their eyes cured and then a year later, they're in one of the best moments of their lives and that during that moment is when your vision just happens to suddenly relapse. So the question is how can you permanently cure your eyesight at the first time without having to worry that it could relapse? It can happen anytime in a whole year! Also, squint and amblyopia is crossed eyes, right?
"On the supposition that accommodation was effected by an elongation of the eyeball, it would have been easy to understand why an excessive amount of accommodation should produce a permanent elongation." (from Perfect Sight Without Glasses). I'm not exactly sure what accommodation means but I think it means to use your eye muscles to see things which strains your eyes and changes it shape. Am I right? Ok so my second question is if you continue to strain your eyes, the change of the shape of your eyes are permanent like that with bad vision forever?
"Anyone who knows how to use a retinoscope may, however, demonstrate in a few minutes that both of these conditions are acquired; for no matter how astigmatic or hypermetropic an eye may be, its vision always becomes normal when it looks at a blank surface without trying to see." (from Perfect Sight Without Glasses) Is this suppose to be a method of improving your vision by looking at a blank surface without trying to see? Is it trying to say something like looking a a blank white wall or any other color without trying to see?
All Bates talked about is relaxation of the eyes. But it doesn't say what correspondence treatment actually is...

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