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glaucoma treatment
I have borderline Glaucoma and must wait 6 months to be rechecked. How much vision loss will I have? Since I am borderline Glaucoma the Doctor has not prescribed treatment. I must wait 6 more months to be rechecked. How much Vision loss can I get from waiting this Long? What should I do?
Glaucoma is not a very nice disease. The worst that can happen is total loss of vision and pain from high eyeball pressure. The only orthodox treatment I'm aware of are drugs to slowly leak the eyeball pressure for the purpose of slowing down progression. As of the moment I am not aware of any FDA approved total cure for glaucoma. You can go down that route of drugs, or experiment with fringe science.

Dr. William H. Bares developed a method that cured anything from refractive errors to retinal diseases (which were always pleasant surprises because of what was and still is taught in opthamology school). He found that perfect relaxation resulted in normal vision.

So, if you choose to go down this route, number one, results cannot be guaranteed because of how many variables exist. Number two, palming, sunning, and the different swings will probably be your best friends for now with this. I found some nice illustrated instructions at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->.

Do you have any condition that currently requires corrective lenses? If so, there might be some additional things to do. For now, I'd set aside at least 2 hours a day to work on the afore mentioned relaxation routines. You may or may not see any improvement in vision, but if done correctly will probably at least feel more relaxed throughout your body.

We are all still open to any further questions you may have.
I know of 2 people that have reversed their glaucoma with The Bates Method; Eye doctor has stopped eyedrops medicine because the pressure has lowered toward normal. Always check with your eye doctor because; The Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement will normalize eye pressure and you do not want to take medicine to lower the pressure when it is normal. Work with a honest, Bates Method Ophthamologist-not one that pushes sales for lasik... Definitely stop use of eyeglasses, sunglasses! Avoid drug prescriptins if posible, go natural; check with your medical doctor first.

Palming, Sunlight, shifting, central-fixation, Long Swing, Sway, Memory, Imagination.., RELAXATION activities return normal eye function, shifting, 'saccades' eye movement. All these produce normal eye pressure, clear eyesight. Practice directions in Better Eyesight Magazine by Dr. Bates.

You can do it!

Would you put up a link here for all the free copies of The Better Eyesight Magazine you have placed online? I haven't visited the location in a while, but I know they are there, and it would be beneficial for the conversation.

Apologies on my first post in this thread, I mistyped Dr. Bates last name. I am unaware of anyone with the last name of "Bares"…

If you want to search; use the pdf word search or index.
David supplies the originals in their Antique print for a clearest copy.

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