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"I'm not supposed to see this!"
The weirdest thing just happened to me.
I put the chart for my practice, took a seat and saw it much clearer than usual.
And then this thought came in. "I'm not supposed to see this."
Incidentally, when I get flashes of clear vision, I often feel a sting (physically).
Any suggestions?
Wow, that's a wrong thought (in Bates language) for sure. I've had this happen to me, and the chart immediately got more blurry! Now I try to remember this is the way I'm supposed to see, and celebrate it, being grateful. I don't have it as automatic yet but it's getting there -- keep practicing.

The stinging accompanying clear flashes has been written about before, so do some searching to find those posts. I've felt it but not every time, and think it's just re-calibration, like stretching a stiff muscle that's been long unused to get it back to flexibility and normal functioning. If I'm seeing more clearly, I assume it's a good thing, growing pains on the way to a more healthy expanded visual condition.
Yeah, this has happened; I don't get the sting, but some days my vision will be so exceptionally clear, I stop and start examining why, thinking too much, controlling the eyes, seeing how far down the chart I can go; 10 line, then smaller than ten line, they flash clear, but if I keep pushing it, then the clarity level lowers.
When I go back to leaving the eyes alone, the clarity goes back up.

Sometimes when practice with best relaxation, get very clear, but other times its best not to interfere with a good thing.

Examine why things are going right, then let it continue.


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