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Relax by not holding on. Relax by letting things be good enough. Relax by being okay with things.
Relax by not holding on to thoughts unnecessarily. Relax by letting things go. Relax by letting things be imperfect.

Relaxation and letting go and effortlessness is really a weird concept for me to grasp.

Things don't have to be perfect.

In obsessive compulsive disorder they practice a method called cognitive behavioral therapy to help people get over OCD. If someone has a fear with having their hands greasy, for instance, they will make the person get their hands greasy, and then they just wait patiently for awhile until those feelings dissipate. They are becoming desensitized to perfection and are okay with greasy hands. This relaxes them and thus they have less stress throughout their bodies and minds, clearing a way for a healthier life.

Perfectionism goes hand in hand with OCD and anxiety in general. I've become able to notice subtle subtle tendencies within myself with regards to this and it's something that I feel is linked to my bad vision. Maybe not completely, but it probably doesn't help. It's gonna take time to let go of these things, one at a time, as often as i remember to throughout the day, until I get in the mode of being okay with things that shouldn't be causing any stress. That's what I would call unnecessary stress.
Good post Ted.
Perfectionism is something I always have to be guard against. For example, I've not always been the tidiest person in the world, but whenever I do try to change my bad habits I tend to be obsessively clean. The key thing about changing habits is that it takes time. We have to allow time to do its magic, and not try to force changes in ourselves overnight.


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