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I've had this problem since around 10 years, but different.
My right eye moves outwards (very noticeably) when I day dream and ONLY when I daydream.
When I stop it goes right back into place. It doesn't happen when I'm tired at all. Just daydreaming or picturing something in my head? Or you could call it fantasying. How could I help this with dr bates method and I've been told to 'just stop daydreaming' but I'm a maladaptive day dreamer. (Which I am getting help for) but how could I fix the turn in the eye?
My 11yo daughter has intermittent exotropia, like yours, but started really early at 1yo. Abstract or deep thoughts somehow shifts the focus from visual to mental and her eyes would wander outwards. She would space out here and there. She has trouble keeping her eyes straight as well when doing near work like looking at computer screen or reading. It is probably harder to converge the eyes for near vision. Perhaps the eyes muscles are imbalanced so when there is no stimulus for vision (daydreaming) or binocular vision (looking at flat objects like flat screen or paper), then the eyes would misalign to its relaxed state and result in monocular vision. The Bates method involve muscle relaxation and mental focus when seeing. Perhaps if you can maintain such focus, you can control your eye turn better. Is your strabismus getting better or worse? Are you a myope? What do you daydream about?
Interesting. I will have to think on this for a while to get the best answer.

Are you staring; eyes not moving, shifting when daydreaming?
Normal daydreaming is healthy. Notice people with normal eyesight; when they are imagining things, daydreaming; their eyes still move; when I daydream eyes open looking at a tree; my eyes 'vision' continues to move on the tree or anywhere. If I close my eyes when daydreaming my physical eyes and 'internal mental vision' will move as I shift on, look at the objects in the mind, imagination.

Some teachers state; if you tend to space out, stare when daydreaming; then daydream with the eyes closed.
With practice you will correct the condition and can daydream with eyes open.

Do the brain hemisphere activation, integration exercises in the books, on webpages at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->
Relaxation of the mind, visual system, improving the memory, imagination and all Bates practices will help to correct the strabismus.

I like this teacher;
I don't have trouble keeping my eyes straight, only when day dreaming. I can focus on objects just fine, so I'm very confused on what my problem is. Doctors don't take my problem seriously enough to even diagnose me. And I think I stare when I daydream, I'm not aware of what my eyes do as in not in reality... One thing is that my vision goes blurry in my strabismus eye when daydreaming, If that helps.
After my neck was injured, misaligned by a dishonest chiropractor; When i sat down at night and as soon as I started to relax and always when start to drift to sleep; my head would suddenly feel spasmy, strange as the muscles tried to relax, then sometimes my eyes would be very uncomfortable and I would wake up with them wandering,, double vision. I did have a wandering eye and astigmatism problem for a while until the neck healed with a Physical therapist... and use of Bates method.

Do you wear glasses? If yes; the glasses are causing tension in the muscles. Then when you daydream, you relax, the muscles suddenly relax, trying to function correct without glasses. Quit glasses.

And/or; Pinched nerve in neck, spine? Any injuries?

A dominance of one brain hemisphere can cause the problem. Are you engaged in one specfic task all day?

Try improving the vision using the Bates method 'shifting'... when the eye is wandering, blurry; practice and get the vision clear in that eye when wandering and when straight. This will also activate the part of the brain that needs activation, correction, integration.
I don't wear glasses nor have I had any injures, my father had some from of strabismus but as I don't have contact with him in not sure which type. So it's probably genetics, even though its almost like I got half the faulty gene? As my strabismus is only when daydreaming but ill try the bates method and the brain training. And Yes, I usually do the same things everyday. What effect does that have? And how long will it take to use both sides of my brain?
You are the person I sent books to recently right? I am Mary. Clark is a internet, author name.

See the books listing the different things that control the right and left hemispheres.

Example; dong nothing but math all the time, no art, no music... can cause the left hemisphere to be dominant.
The hemispheres work with the eyes, diff. distances... It's all in the book. The whole system integrates, criss crosses.

Write if you're not the person and I will give you free books.

Janet Goodrich books also have good information on this;
Janet cured her eyes of many conditions. Took 2 years, but she did it!
Avoid the 3-D fusion type exercise in her book. Some people have reported aquiring strabismus from this type practice; Magic eye, 3 cups...
This is also shown in my book and info. telling how it can cause harm, what to avoid. Some eye doctors teach it but a a certain way for specific cases. Must be done by a professional. It can help some people but try the Bates method first which is truly natural. Do not rely on books for the 3-D training.

No I wasn't the person you sent the books too, but I would appreciate the books thank you.
And I tend to do that with my activities , slightly.

Also, I have trouble shifting on distant objects, its almost I'm forcing the eyes to move. I'm also very bad at staying relaxed.
Sounds like you are discovering your problem and the correction already. Send me a e-mail for the book.

Do you know what central fixation is? Shifing?

Reading fine print can cure convergence, divergence by activating relaxation and central-fixation and tiny saccade shifts.

I am beat, signing off. Skype is onlyway I teach extensively. No much typing as I do it all day.

What is your email? Thanks for the help
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