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I've decided not to post here anymore, unless and until I succeed in improving my eyesight, and not just a little bit and not just in "flashes". I've become extremely negative. I realized this when I was thinking of how to explain to "Raremoon" why improvement after a period of not wearing glasses isn't as encouraging as one would like to believe.

I do think many people would be better off not seriously trying this, but I've repeated myself enough on that. I still bitterly wish I had known about the Bates method when I was only mildly nearsighted, and I would encourage anyone at that level to try it.
Hey Daniel what is your prescription? Maybe you have improved and you haven't noticed. I'm never gonna give up and I'm having a hard time too because I was a -4.50 but you know what i already feel like a - 3 or less. Maybe im wrong but My main vision is sharper and less blurry even without flashes, just mostly double now due to astigmatism maybe but I wanna work on that. I wish you luck in your journey and will pray that you attain perfect vision soon.

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