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Optimum physiology for the entire body
A couple of days ago, i had a bout of extremely good vision. I'd say it was around 20/30-20/20. I had optimum mental control at the time. But one thing i noticed was was that my body felt rested. alert. and energized. It was a feeling of optimum rest and focus. I had an earlier post that i made titled " Good chapter of bates method book" that pointed out how central fixation can also benefit diseases such as typhoid and influenza, and improve digestion, assimilation, and elimination. The more and more i go down this path, the more i think that health is actually being in balance with nature, being true to yourself, and just having a coherent, balanced perspective. I've also looked into some mathematical mysticism that states how the phi ratio is apparent in the human body and nature. Maybe this is the so-called mathematical/physiological state of optimum coherence.

I don't know. This stuff may or may not be true. I just had a hunch and felt like putting this out there.

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