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Reading and halos
Maybe I'll start posting replies to emails I receive like this one. Identities excluded, of course.

Quote:Hi David, I must say that your website is quite inspiring. I have been into natural vision for some years, and even though there has been improvement in my vision. My frustrations got the better of me to the point where I booked myself into laser surgery Once I researched on the dangers of lasers to the eyes I cancelled my laser operation. I have been on an Eyebody camp with Peter Grumwald. I have trouble reading fine print. Is the white glow the best way practising in reading fine print without straining. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I'm happy to hear you skipped out on the laser surgery. I've heard good things about Peter Grunwald's work.

For reading, first make sure you are in a comfortable position, are breathing fully, and are mentally relaxed. It might not make a difference right away, but it will after a few minutes. Black is an absence of light rays, so looking at the white glow around black letters I think is best, as you're actually receiving more data that way. The important thing is to make sure you glance at a few spots as you gaze moves over each line of text. Tensing your eyes or trying to absorb too much text at once is what mainly causes strain when reading.
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