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[split] Prescription and astigmatism
I'm sorry, but I don't know how to start a new thread so I hope you do not mind if I post this here. I just had an eye exam and I want to use the prescription to order some glasses online so I can enter a reduced prescription. Well, I also have some astigmatism. I want to lower the sphere of left and right eye by .50 each. This seems pretty straight forward. But should I also lower the cylinder and axis? Or do I just lower the cylinder by say .50 for each eye? Does anyone have any experience lowering their own prescription and ordering glasses online? I have looked all over the internet and found really no info. Thank you so much!
I split this from the other thread. You can start a new one with the New Thread button above or below the list of threads.

I only had a minor astigmatism correction, so I think I just did away with it altogether. But it does have an effect on the sphere portion of the prescription too, depending on whether the cylinder is written as plus or minus. I don't remember exactly though.
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