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Nutrients for the Eyes
Nutrients for the Eyes
Much has been written about nutrients for the eyes in books.  Here is a summary of what has and has not worked for me.
Vitamin C powder from Acerola cherries.  I sprinkle the powder onto my yogourt and I do notice my myopia and cataracts have stabilized since I started doing this.  Apparently these cherries have an extremely high content of C.  You can get this powder from a health food store.   Powder is better than capsules as it contains no magnesium stearate.
Vision Formulas:
There are many vision formula supplements out there .  I take one from a naturopath from Vermont.  It does not have mag stearate.  It is very good .  Most formulas contain lutein which you can get from tomatoes.
This is the name of the pigment that gives salmon its colour.  I took the supplement for a few months and did not notice any difference in vision.  Recently I ate smoked farmed salmon from Nova Scotia.  These salmon are not fed antibiotics and other terrible stuff and the following day I noticed an improvement in vsion.  This has happened 2x now so I am assuming that the astaxanthan has to be gotten from the whole food and not from supplements.  Raw fish is probably a no no especially farmed because of the toxins, heavy metals etc.  I get this salmon from a farmer's market but I do not eat it more than once a week.  Would like to hear from anyone else who has had success with this.

They have to be cooked to get the beta carotene to convert to carotene.  I do notice a difference when I eat carrots, cooked.  You have to add fat, like coconut oil to help with conversion of b carotene to carotene. 
There are many more foods that would help vision but these are the ones that have helped me.



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