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Do eye exercises work?
ive read a few eye exercises and tried most or all a few times but then forget to do them so they don't work. Ones I've heard are.
Blinking- blink as fast as you can for something like a minute. Can also be between squeezing your eyes shut for few seconds.
Palming- cup your hands over your eyes no pressure on your eye and you should be able to open your eyes and see pitch black no light anywhere.
Looking in all directions- imagine a giant clock and look in direction of each number as far as you can then back to middle. Then circle your eyes round the clock.
Near and far focus- focus on something close then something far alternating the two.
Keep looking in distance every half hour or so when doing something close up.
Sunning- when it's sunny face the sun with your eyes closed.
Print pushing- when reading hold the print as far away as possible so you can only just read it without straining your eyes.
I don't know if any of these work but the print pushing and blinking sound like they mite. Has anyone tried any and did they work?
To answer your question,  everyone is different and as so improves their vision in different ways and at different speeds; one who benefits from long swings may not benefit so much from another exercise as someone else. 

I personally have been practicing David's methods for reducing stress on the eyes and practicing good habits. Someone can be exercising everyday for years and not see any improvement if they still continue to follow the old bad habits that helped their vision become impaired to begin with.

 So like Nancy has said before, doing an exercise isn't necessarily just doing an action over and over again it's understanding the concept of the exercise and applying it to how you treat your eyes and reducing unnecessary strain on them.

I myself have just started eye training about a week ago and I've already had a couple clear flashes and feel my eyes are less stressed.

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