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Cod Liver Oil for Vision
I heare about taking cod liver oil for better vision so I started  a few weeks ago.  It does work well.  I have the start of cataracts.  I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago and so far have not had to get operated on.  I get the oil from a naturopath in Vermont.  It is NOT molecularly distilled as many cod oils are.  It is raw and must be refrigerated.  I do notice a definate improvement in vision the following day.  I think it is the Omega 3 oils.
Some people take cod oil gel caps but that is not the best way to take cod oil.  I recently read that gel caps can harbour  an herbicide called glyphosphate.  It's one of Monsanto's herbicides they use in roundup ready.
It tends to cponcentrate in gel and collagen so taking the oil in a liquid form is best.  You can readil  get liquid in a health food store that is molecularly distilled.  It sits on a shelf and needs no refrigeration.
Hope this helps you with your vision.
I noticed some minor improvement when I drank pomegranate juice.

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