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Re: Any Bates Teacher Near Kaysville, Utah?
Answer the subject title.
answer subject title plz
Dear Otter,

I think that the answer is that there are none.

However, David is an excellent teacher, so
perhaps you can learn the methods to
clear your Snellen from him.


Hello Otter,

I realize that you posted this thread back in April of 2007, so I might be a little late in getting this information to you, but I thought I would post it anyways in case you were still interested in getting a Bates teacher or for future lurkers in the Kaysville, Utah area. I am in Springville, Utah, and I found a Bates teacher who teaches classes in Provo, Utah, and in Salt Lake City. He is my vision teacher and if you are interested here is his website and information so you can contact him.

Troy Ballard
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I'm in ogden, so that is excellent! thanks.
How's your experience been with him so far?
He's been a very good vision teacher. I wasn't able to get clearer flashes and improved vision until after I hired him, so I would definitely recommend him.
Wow i've always wanted to experience those...thats amazing. What would you most contribute it to? proper blinking, breathing, insights...? congrats thats awesome
Sorry it took me so long to get back to this post. I got busy this week and didn't get to post as soon as I would have liked to. Anyways, I would contribute my clearer flashes and vision improvement to a lot of different things. One big insight was learning how to use my memory and imagination correctly, and how to palm correctly and actually relax while palming. Another insight for me was I remember one day I went into class and I was frustrated because I was trying to see the swing and couldn't, and Troy stopped me and said, "Jennifer, listen to yourself, you are trying to see the swing? That's not good." He taught me that how we word things is a good idea of what is going on subconsciously, and getting it drilled into my head that the only way to improve my vision is to stop trying. He also pointed me to a lot of good sources, like the Better Eyesight magazines, and other vision improvement books. He really is a good vision teacher, and I hope that information was helpful for you.
Excellent you found how to relax! It seems like learning to see effortlessly isn't something we logically work out...its seems that most people learn through just DOING and trusting... So instead of focusing on whether or not your eyes were swinging, you'd put your awareness on the object and then ALLOW your eyes to swing?

Was in quackenbush's book where he has the better eyesight magazines? I hear good things about it.
I also happen to live in the central Utah area. What a coincidence! There is a guy from NEI who teaches natural vision improvement, but I think he's separate from the Bates Method.

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