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The Pictures Thread!
hi! I thought it would be cool if we had a pictures thread going , where people can post in shots they've taken that relate to bates system (some way or another) . i think we will all find it really interesting to see each other's pics . so, lets get sending guys ! rules: 1. keep the pictures either in link form or in thumbnail form. that way loading times will not be slow!for this purpose i reccomend <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> 2. no weird stuff please! ( i know it is tempting, but please refrain.) and by "weird stuff" i mean: nude, erotica, supernatural etc. once we get a good few posts in this thread we could have a vote for the best one Tongue
OK fellas i'll start things off.

1. better eyesight goes mobile! 2. snellen eyechart in my living room Big Grin 3. fine print! 4. watching TV and practicing with snellen Tongue 5. snellen up close 6. fine print up close 7. check out the view ! 8 . practicing with fine print 9. step back and get swinging 10. snellen chart in my bedroom



as you may have gathered, i have set up snellen cards at various locations across my house
i suggest the same to everyone else! it's really a magical chart Big Grin
hello ? come on guys, get posting please!
im really curious to see how you set up your snellens etc.
[Image: IMG_4583.jpg]
here is me shining 300 watts of light into my eyes Big Grin

i cant see the image where you have the one with the light shining into your eyes

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