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A few queries for you
I'm not quite convinced about close-work not being responsible for myopia.
Could controlling eye movement be strain? But i've seen normal sighted people moving there eyes about from far side to side, obviously seemingly controlling them?? - Not near as much as those wearing glasses mind you. I've also noticed normal sighted people staring, seemingly not moving the eyes, but maybe there are some microscopic movements.
Hello Footballman

Close work is responsible for myopia, but it varies.

Let's say you have perfect vision, and you are reading something up close for a long time
This is fine, as long as you are relaxed.
If you start to induce mental strain,
then there is a problem.

The ciliary muscles, which respond to psychological emotion, will then tighten, which compacts your lens

this makes you nearsighted over time

you go to an eye doctor, and voila, a new pair of glasses

If you are nearsighted, and have glasses on that give you 20/20
then close work is definitely bad for you.

glasses induce extreme tightening of the lens when used up close
the eye works tremendously hard to bring what you are focusing on into focus.

After continuous up-close work with glasses on, the eyeball will elongate, or get longer, to allow you to focus on what you are focusing on.

And then you become more nearsighted, and get new glasses that give you 20/20,

and then the vicious cycle repeats over and over again until you discover bates.

What is the lesson?
Never allow mental strain to enter your mind. Always be relaxed and happy when you are reading or doing something up close.

NEVER EVER do upclose work with your nearsighted glasses on, EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! it's like strain x 10

Next question, does controlling eye movement mean strain?
trying to stop eye movement, trying to stop the eyes, trying to do anything with the eyes will induce strain though

controlling your eye movement is not the same as trying to see, so no, there is no connection between strain and controlling eye movement

You state you've seen normal sighted people staring.
were they blinking?
were they breathing?
were there shoulders tense?

If they are relaxed, then they are fine,

if they are uncomfortable and self conscious, then you have a problem.

hope this helps
I'd like to also add,

If you'd like, you can do close up work with farsighted glasses, also known as plus glasses.

This will allow your lens to want to flatten.

Which will halt the progress of myopia and in some cases eliminate it.

Use like +1 plus glasses from your local drug store, and it will improve your myopia.

it does the exact opposite, making the eye lose its elongation, and balances it out.
Though plus lenses may temporarily help deal with pseudo myopia they hardly address the cause of myopia which is strain. If you wear plus lenses frequently there are good chances of ending up with both myopia and hyperopia at the sametime while trying to fix your myopia. Be careful with them. How can you cancel one kind of strain with another? Minus lenses increase one kind of strain and plus lenses another. They dont cancel out.

Nevermind, disregard that second reply of mine.

no glasses'a period'a

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