"> Improve Your Eyesight with EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques: A Review

Improve Your Eyesight with EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques: A Review

First and foremost, this is my review and the opinions are only mine.

So during the time when I stopped gaining any progress with Leo Angart’s eye exercises, I decided to try something else. So I searched around the Internet and found this book. I didn’t really believe in it since I didn’t really think that vision was related to emotions but it was cheap and it had 4 stars and I remembered that Leo Angart mentioning in his class that there was a case he had where a 5-8 year old girl suddenly started to have bad vision. It turned out that the cause was that she was being bullied. The girl then eventually regained her vision after the bullying was resolved or so he claimed. So I got the book and started to read it.

The gist of the book was that our emotions maybe holding us back from getting our 20/20 vision back. So every week you’d have to measure your progress (I measured with the help of 2 rulers and a bookmark) and read through guide questions and then write down your answers somewhere. Then you analyze if the things you wrote have some deep rooted issues and then you more or less touch certain points in your body while saying key phrases like “Even though I feel nervous about <insert problem here> I still love and respect myself”. So every day you’ll be more or less touching yourself in certain points and saying the key phrases based on the emotion being handled for that week.

So it went with the following emotions:

1. Resistance and Limiting Beliefs

2. Fear

3. Guilt

4. Anger (2 weeks)

5. Anxiety

6. Beliefs about aging

7. Resentments

So after doing the 8 week program, I learned that I have a lot issues and I feel better about myself and I feel like I’m done with having resentments. But on the vision training side I went from seeing up to 39 cm to 44 cm without glasses. I didn’t do any of Leo Angart’s techniques during that time frame. I was happy that my vision improved a bit but I guess I was a bit disappointed since my gains weren’t that great. I am now currently making my own vision training based on William Bates’ teachings and some help from the members of this website.

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Author: fvig2001

I am a programmer of sorts who's working on getting his vision back to 20/20.

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Clark Night

Thanks for this. I bought this book several years ago when it came out, when I was just starting to dip my toe into studying EFT. (I’m now about a month away from being certified as an EFT coach myself by Dr. Carol Look, the author of this book.) I too found that I had a lot of issues (better to know than not to know, I guess), especially anxiety. What I found lacking in it is the general nature of the tapping phrases. “This anxiety stuck in my vision” doesn’t hit the mark for me as much as “This anxious feeling when my mother screams at me and scares me”, for example. I was about -6 when I read the book and got minimal vision improvement from it back then, but I do think it opened some doors for me, and I firmly believe in EFT as a modality for emotional and physical and visual healing.