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Do you love this site?

There are five different ways you can support this site and our continued work at maintaining it, making it bigger and better, and helping people improve their vision.

1. Shop at Amazon.com

Next time you do your normal Amazon shopping, click through via one of our ads on various pages, or the link below. They give us a small percentage of each sale in the 24 hours after you click, no matter what you buy. So next time you do your regular Amazon shopping, click through with this link!

See the Recommended Books page for a handy list of books we recommend, with Amazon links.

2. Link to Us

Spread the word about vision improvement by posting a link to this site on your own blog, website, on Facebook, or another forum.

3. Participate in the Community

Share your experiences and help others on our Facebook Group.

4. Donate Directly

If you find this website to be of tremendous value for yourself in your vision improvement goals, you can support the work by donating directly via Paypal.

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Thank you so much for this website.