"> Enlist A Buddy!

Enlist A Buddy!

Many folks who start vision improvement, full of enthusiasm about it, find when they share their excitement with friends they are met with negativity. “That doesn’t work!” or “You’ll ruin your eyes!” or “You have to wear your glasses all the time, or your eyes will keep getting worse!” they may be told. Or someone may say they’ve “tried the Bates Method”, and it didn’t make any difference at all.

This can be discouraging, and might feed your own self-doubt. Is this really working, you may wonder, or was that clear flash of vision just my imagination? First, your own experience is the most important. Trust it. If you’re seeing more clearly, even some of the time, or your headaches are decreasing, or you’re noticing headlight glare bothers you less, or that colors seem brighter, yes! It’s working! You may not see lasting improvement on the eye chart right away, so please don’t get obsessive about testing your vision. Just appreciate the gradual progress you are seeing. Enjoy your ever-healthier visual system!

In a recent vision lesson with a new student, at the end of the session she asked me for “homework”, what she could do to keep moving forward until she saw me next. I reminded her to palm as often as she wanted, and of a few other practices we had discussed. Then I was inspired to mention “Enlist a buddy!”. I went on to tell her of the benefit of having a like-minded friend she could go for walks with, without her glasses, feeling more secure than she might doing this alone initially. Or someone she lives with, maybe a spouse, could gently ask “Do you really need your glasses on when you’re eating breakfast?”, just as a reminder.

Consider this for yourself — it makes a huge difference in feeling like you can accomplish something if there’s even one other person on your side. Yet often people would be very willing to help and support us, but we don’t ask! Reach out and let those who care about you know what you’re doing, and they might be glad to be part of it and cheer you on. And watching the positive change you’re making with your vision might even nudge your friend to work on his or her own eyesight! We’re all here to help each other, and there is strength in numbers. Why go it alone if you don’t have to? Share your growing vision improvement wisdom with the rest of your human family, who really needs it!


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Author: Nancy

I wore strong glasses, then contact lenses, from age 5 into my 40s. While making many mistakes, eventually l learned how to improve the way I use my eyes and to see in a more relaxed, healthy manner. It is my pleasure to coach others to do the same. Visit me at https://NancyLNeff.com.

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