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Surfing Through Memories

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Just a minute ago I was trying to remember the name of a musical artist and it was like I already knew what his name was, but it just slipped my mind and I couldn’t recall it. I was going to just let it go and not worry about it but I decided no, that I would get comfortable, palm, relax, and really think clearly to discover what that memory was and where it was hiding.

So I started thinking, but it was more like visualizing. I was going through mental pictures/memories of this artist that I had seen or watched. What was weird was that my train of thought eventually went way far off but then I suddenly came back to this idea and a mental image popped in my mind and I had remembered the name.

I’m really interested in this stuff and I’d like to get better at accessing memories and having less “tip of the tongue” occurrences. I think what it entails is being relaxed enough to let yourself visualize through the memories that you are searching around until you get closer and closer to the memory that triggers. Mental-health-007

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