"> Simple Healthy Vision Habits

Simple Healthy Vision Habits

Lately I’ve been pleased to notice some small but definite improvements in my vision. Among these are more stable clarity, better sight than usual in dim light, and a heightened awareness of my periphery. (Wearing a strong prescription for most of my life and leaning in to read books or the computer, I gave myself tunnel vision.)

Ever the student, especially with something as important as my vision, I asked myself what I’m doing to contribute to this, so I can keep it up! Too often I’ll criticize myself for not doing palming regularly. or committing some other natural vision sin, and ignore all I am doing to help my eyes.

– I’m doing the Long Swing several times a day. I do a few of these when I get up in the morning, maybe 20 or 30, to help me get completely in my body after dreaming. I do some if I’ve been sitting at the computer for over an hour and get up for more tea or just to stretch, noticing my gaze traveling out to the edges of the room and briefly out the window when I swing past it. I’ll do some Swings occasionally in the middle of a weight workout, especially if it’s for shoulders or arms, to get the energy moving freely. (I work out at home so am not looking crazy to folks in a gym.) Finally, I always do at least 50 before I go to bed, which I think helps me sleep more soundly.

– When I look out the window now, I really look. I am fortunate to have a window ahead of me behind my computer a bit to the left. When I first started vision improvement over 10 years ago, I was convinced it was a good idea to look in the distance instead of only a foot or so to the computer screen. So I’d fling my eyes to the side, glance at the window pane (not through it!), then return my gaze right away to my so-important (probably not!) computer task. I’ve learned to examine the details outside the window, the people walking their dogs, or the workmen or the trees. Even for a minute or 2, it’s such a refreshing break!

– I am not using my glasses at all. They’re gathering dust in my car, and I don’t even think about “needing” them to see. If something is too blurry for my liking, I’ll move closer, or softly blink, or let my gaze easily travel over it noticing the details I can see. This usually allows more details to emerge.

– I practice with the eye chart casually, not obsessively, several times a week.

– I look for details, the individual different-colored threads in the tapestry, that single tiny square of mesh in the window screen, one rung or branch or leaf or facial feature instead of gulping the entire scene. My eyes seem to be “zeroing in” on details differently now, looking at a smaller and smaller area while still remaining aware of the periphery. This feels like a big change in my looking habits.

– I am constantly appreciating the light, not fighting it if there’s a lot, or wishing there was more if it’s dim. I make sure I go outside at last once a day no matter what the weather, raising my face to the sky to let the natural light play over my closed eyelids as I slowly move my head back and forth, the traditional Bates sunning technique.

– I am more relaxed about my seeing, not so desperate and worried. This is a reflection of my overall decrease in anxiety, from years of meditation and EFT and journaling and other energy work. As I become more emotionally healthy, my vision becomes more healthy too.

– I am more present more of the time. Since I’m calmer, I am more “in my body” and more peaceful. I’ve let go of a lot of that frantic rushing which used to be my normal behavior. As I approach my life and my tasks more methodically (not necessarily more slowly), I am finding I am taking the time I need to see, giving an image the part of a second it may need to clear as my eyes adjust.

So give yourself some credit for what you’re doing right too, with your vision and elsewhere in your Life. You’re doing the best you can in every moment, and as you learn more, you’ll do even better. You deserve a High Five!



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Author: Nancy

I wore strong glasses, then contact lenses, from age 5 into my 40s. While making many mistakes, eventually l learned how to improve the way I use my eyes and to see in a more relaxed, healthy manner. It is my pleasure to coach others to do the same. Visit me at https://NancyLNeff.com.

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I had an effective refractive laser eye surgery done from See By Intravision at Oakville two months back and I am doing well. My vision has improved beyond my expectation and I am looking forward to keep it the same no matter whatever effort has to be inculcated. I am doing certain eye exercises suggested by my doc. I really liked the idea of this long swing method.

Lucy Deslandes

Yes me too Barbara. I am going to start the Long Swing. It is also similar to a Tai Chi move I used to practice. Thanks for a great blog Nancy!

Barbara Sinclair

Thank you for the reminder about the Long Swing, Nancy! I’d been meaning to start that practice. xoxo