"> Optometrist Cures Her Own Myopia

Optometrist Cures Her Own Myopia

The article which follows below, “Optometrist Cures Her Own Myopia,” was originally published in a Special Edition of New Dawn Magazine in 2016. The article is reprinted with permission from New Dawn.

The article was dedicated to the late Antonia Orfield, a behavioral optometrist who reversed her myopia by natural methods, from a prescription of almost – 4 D down to normal acuity. She described the process in a 1994 journal article.

Her optometric practice was dedicated to vision healing — helping others control or reverse their myopia as she did. Her hope was that one day such natural and holistic myopia treatment would become more prevalent within the optometric profession. She stated that success like hers “could be duplicated easily with large numbers of functional myopes in primary care practices [her emphasis].”



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Doug Marsh

Author: Doug Marsh

Doug is a retired civil engineer who improved his vision and wrote Restoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach, a book about blending the Bates Method with the ancient principles of Taoism. He also contributes articles on vision improvement for New Dawn Magazine.

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