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What Don’t I Want To See?

When I first started improving my vision over 15 years ago, I read all the books I could find by other people who had done it, hoping to learn the secret tricks. I faithfully practiced the exercises I read about, like palming and the Long Swing, slowly reducing my eyeglasses prescription with the help of a behavioral optometrist. As time went on, I incorporated techniques like EFT, or other energy practices I learned from my energy healing teacher Deborah King, into my daily routine.

It was becoming obvious to me that when my vision was blurry, my human eyes and visual brain were not mal-functioning mechanical parts, which just needed a bolt or screw adjusted. Eyesight is a sensitive mechanism, with emotions playing more of a part than I’d wanted to admit. As I observed myself and my vision, noting when I could see clearly and when I couldn’t, it seemed closely tied to how I felt about seeing.

Yesterday I listened to an energy healer help someone with a vision problem. The healer said “There’s a lot you didn’t want to see when you were a child, and some of that you’re still holding onto. Much of what you didn’t want to see was how other people reacted to you.”

Wow! I’ve always thought my strong childhood myopia came from being pushed to be perfect and criticized if I wasn’t, plus being overwhelmed by the “crowd of people” (to me) when I went to kindergarten, and had no idea how to interact. Maybe I’m still carrying around that feeling of “I don’t want to see that they don’t like me” (as I perceived it), and my visual system is obeying my wish by making my eyesight blurry!

This makes me think of Dr. Bates’ idea of a pessimum, something you don’t like to look at, therefore see less clearly. Could I be turning other people into a pessimum? I’m also thinking of Peter Grunwald, the developer of the Eyebody Method, telling us to let our vision reach all the way out into the distance to look at something far away, even if it appears blurry at first. He told us “That tree on the other side of the field is looking at you too”, suggesting we feel the connection and energy exchange as we looked at each other. And I’m not always sure I want to exchange my energy with everything or everyone who comes into my sight!

My energy teacher, when asked what to do or how to evaluate a personal situation by a student, often replies “Use your discernment”. I don’t intend to stare at the blinding sun, or keep looking at a violent TV program, or continue an interaction with a rude or cruel person. My eyes, and my entire energy system, don’t like this. It’s similar to an unpleasant smell, or a too-loud noise: I want to stop the input coming my way because it just plain doesn’t feel good.

And I also want to slowly move in the direction of reaching out more, exploring, because I think I’ve been erring on the side of avoiding too much, expecting danger or hurt when the experience was only something new. I no longer have those thick eyeglasses separating me from the world, so visual stimuli can get right in now if I let it.

And knowing it’s my choice to see or not to see gives me a feeling of power, which I sure didn’t feel like I had as a child. If I really don’t want to see it, whatever it is, I don’t have to! I don’t need to blur my vision or constrict my energy field to keep it out. I can close my eyes or walk away, avoiding that undesirable input, and look at something pleasant and energizing instead. The purpose of my eyes is to see. I intend to encourage that seeing, rewarding it with wonderful sights which make me feel uplifted. It’s a joy to see!


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Author: Nancy

I wore strong glasses, then contact lenses, from age 5 into my 40s. While making many mistakes, eventually l learned how to improve the way I use my eyes and to see in a more relaxed, healthy manner. It is my pleasure to coach others to do the same. Visit me at https://NancyLNeff.com.

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Nancy, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I also come to understanding self as a person who preffered to avoid things in the past. Now, when encountering a not very pleasant person, my first thought is to avoid, but the second is that this person came my way with smth to teach me or even transform. Especially when a person sees well without aid of glasses. Do you think the same?