"> [VIDEO] Why is Myopia so Common in Kids Now?

[VIDEO] Why is Myopia so Common in Kids Now?

Why are so many kids today becoming myopic and wearing glasses? What has changed?

In this video I explore one factor that’s contributing to this epidemic problem of myopia in certain countries like China and the US.

Normally I like to focus on personal responsibility, taking control of your vision and making the choice to treat your eyes better and change your seeing and thinking patterns in a way that creates good vision.

I don’t like to blame society for problems when we can take the initiative ourselves on an individual level to make a change.

Still, there is a major problem in the way we operate that is leading to this epidemic of myopia. We, when we are kids, have no control over this.


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Author: David

I founded iblindness.org in 2002 as I began reading books on the Bates Method and became interested in vision improvement. I believe that everyone who is motivated can identify the roots of their vision problems and apply behavioral changes to solve them.

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