"> [VIDEO] Principles of Vision Improvement that I’ve Learned from Archery

[VIDEO] Principles of Vision Improvement that I’ve Learned from Archery

A different perspective, by means of learning a new sport or skill, can teach you a lot about vision improvement.

Last year I started learning archery. I noticed some parallels with improving vision that I’d like to share with you. Maybe the context of a different activity like archery will help make some of the principles of vision improvement make more sense to you.

Watch the video and share your thoughts with me!

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Author: David

I founded iblindness.org in 2002 as I began reading books on the Bates Method and became interested in vision improvement. I believe that everyone who is motivated can identify the roots of their vision problems and apply behavioral changes to solve them.

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Thanks, David, for your video comparing archery with vision improvement. Back in the 1950’s I was very involved in archery, even making my own arrows, and adding reinforcing laminates to make my long bow more powerful. Those were days when the great archery enthusiasts used long bows for hunting (such as Howard Hill) and the champion instinctive (aka Bare Bow technique) archers used only long bows or maybe a non-modified recurve bow: none of the ridiculous bows I see today using a variety of sights and pulleys, etc that barely resemble archery equipment. They were consistently able to hit the bulls-eye of the target without the modern gimmicks used today in competitive archery. Whereas some modern archery equipment is like a machine, the instinctive approach in archery relies on the more subtle skills of strength, delicate release, and placing your mind, attention and reflexes in the total process. This is very similar to the relaxed mind/body approach to natural vision.


Superb. A month and a half ago there was a death in my family. It was a big deal and my vision improvement seems to have suffered a big setback as a result. I’m familiar with the concepts you discuss in your Archery (audio) Video, but I took a little time to palm my eyes, relax and LISTEN anyway. When you finished I looked up and my vision was considerably better than it has been of late. That improvement lasted less than a minute, but I expect that. The point is, the Archery analogy and your presentation of it are good and helpful in that I’m again motivated to return to improving my vision . Thanks