"> Reconnecting with clear-sighted-ness CAN BE as simple as a walk in the park: Part 2

Reconnecting with clear-sighted-ness CAN BE as simple as a walk in the park: Part 2

A “Walk in the park” – understanding what to do, how to do it and why; is best done and experienced by yourself.

Restoring Healthy Natural Vision requires a mindset of living in the moment. Scheduling a walk requires a plan part of the refreshing road map you have set yourself out to achieve. When did you last do something for the first time… ?

Choosing the path of Natural Vision Improvement is a journey into the unknown. There are various starting points. Perhaps it’s your eyesight continues to get worse and dependency doesn’t seem the only rational option. Your why is important. A vision educator understands the uniqueness of personal vision: A truck driver, ballet dancer, dentist, computer [ab]user *, accountant, sportsperson all use different Vision skills. Also spare a thought for other natural eyes, horses, dogs, fly’s and various birds. Eyes were designed to see movement. Note in detail that scanning ability that’s maximizing sightseeing. Against a blurred background !

Vision – Abuse * can be described as sightseeing in monotonous indoor lighting condition or at workstations for hours on end; which generates a staring habit – causing Vision Stress. The restorative, renewal and recovery options on how to use your eyes are part of this post as a follow on to Part 1. Read 1 again “between the lines!”

Regardless of what you have been told: Whether you have had months or decades of dependency! Just experience, practice any of the vision fitness skills mentioned below.

#1 Choosing to take of your glasses for an extended period [ start with 15 minutes max ] requires some courage, but if you don’t feel safe walking in a park. Find a quiet spot where you can see the widest possible horizon. That could be on your balcony or on top of a hill parked in your car. Clean the windscreen first! Have some great stimulating music to play if you want… and simply trace the outline of buildings trees etc. against the silhouette of the sky; but install deliberately blinking – frequently every 6 seconds. Why? Every time you blink you have an opportunity to refocus and your eyes are being lubricated by the tear ducts *. [Rub your eyes if necessary] Notice what happens… How you did you see on starting and changes after a few minutes… and again after you have done the full field of view? Obviously there are objects shaping – framing your view closer than the horizon. Which may appear clearer – larger closer. Did you move your head? Or did you let your eyes rotate within their sockets? The above direction suggests sitting in the Park; a walk in the park puts this practice into locomotion. Note your experiences in a vision quest journal.

#2 * Recovery: If your eyes didn’t lubricate with the tear duct while blinking – choose to splash your eyes with warm and then cold water vigorously 20 times. The palming option profoundly affects and facilities eye warmth and the directional focusing muscles. Refreshing true EyeCare Habits take less than 3 minutes all with eyes closed.

#3 We see in two distinctive ways repeated snap shots 40 a second & zooming in on detail – The walking practice sets up a third way rapidly changing spatial relationships framed by contrasting shapes, colours, textures and light intensity. These are the building blocks to re install stereoscopic vision perception. Perspective with a dominant or lazy eye habits is still 2 dimensional. Scanning is a forth way. N.B. Eyes were designed to see movement. In a full field of view [it’s actually 220 deg.] a context that includes blurred peripheral vision – notably reduced with specs. A 10 – 20 minute nature walk can refresh the body, mind and spirit; the eyesight practices will reintroduce perspective and ultimately stereoscopic vision; requiring balanced left-right eyed vision.

#4 Our nourishment, back to basics – our healthset is based O2, H2O and Daylight [ the 3rd recovery restorative practice – exposure to bright daylight in the sunning exercise]: without mentioning exercise. A daily practice of a walk 20 -30 minutes is the basic minimum exercise * requirement. The walk can combine all of these factors – Oxygen: Regular deep breaths expel stale air oxygenating the blood stream which in turn revitalizes the ability to digest our food. Release toxins * from kidneys and liver to produce abundant healthy red cells. Water: Balances Ph factors and irrigates the life force within us – is an unexpected fulfilling energy catalyst. Daylight: Directly regulates natures force in annual and daily rhythms – ripens foods effecting our moods and vitamin D. More about this to follow. Our mindset is also nourishment can be transformed positively * in a walk releasing the negative and receiving the positive intuitive ideas… keep good company.

#5 Just start… These practices are the small steps to restoring mindful equilibrium for everyone’s daily lifestyle.

#6 Connect to your 5 senses. Each provide knowledge. Let your memories inspire images!

Envision the Sound of the water. Memories. Try and Touch it! Recall the Smells + Tastes of a great meal. All of these are logged into our emotional ** Memories. Our eyes have many camera like qualities – blinking is part, video scanning – zooming in to detail. And an untapped digital memory to recall at will! We steal with our eyes!!! Hoping not to miss a thing – that’s stressful – Stay connected – be the observer; Expect and wait for the unexpected. Let the universe see you.

#7 All for now. There is full meal out there. Sightseeing – be the observer – the witness and context of your mental activity.

#8 Be quiet – Reflect on the days important awesome experiences, trials and achievements – Mind remember – Keep a personal journal… Easily forgotten within 72 hours!

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Christopher Lane

Author: Christopher Lane

Reconnecting with clear sightedness can be as simple as a walk in the park! At 22 a Vision Educator coached me back to 20/20 vision in 5 weeks and my dyslexic condition evaporated. Wearing specs to correct astigmatic myopia crushed my self-esteem at 13. As a craftsman-architect my lifestyle balances left and right brain’s perception. I often work 8+hours daily in front of a computer designing. It’s fun unwrapping vision fitness skills and transformational for students intent on restoring sight naturally. Bates_method@mweb.co.za

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