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  1. We have read about Dr. Bates in the Internet but would like to know about the sunlight treatment in detail. If we look at the sun the eyelids should be pulled down and vice versa. How long is this treatment to be done for discarding the spectacles. Is the result quick or slow?

    1. If you mean the sun treatment that Bates did, the patient would have his eyes open, but looking far down so the sclera (white) of his eye is exposed, and Bates would use the magnifying glass to wiggle the focused rays across the sclera. I don’t remember how long he would do it for, and I don’t know exactly how sharply he focused the rays and things like that, but he might go into more detail in the Better Eyesight magazines.

  2. Have you changed you method? Why? In past, it was about using the center of vision for seeing. What happened to that?

    1. I’ve changed things over time after feedback and new insights. This guide right now actually I’m in the process of replacing with something else. The stuff about using your center of vision should still be here though. Thanks for your interest!

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