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Plus Lenses Therapy
Hello everyone!
So I've heard a lot about "reading glasses" and their benefits, and I finally got a +1 reading glasses, and this is the first time I'm wearing them.

Here's a bit about my vision history: I'm 25yo now, Last time I went to the eye doctor (2 years ago) , i Had -1 in my left eye, -1,25 on the right one (with astigmatism).
I threw my glasses away sometime back in June, I dont have a particular routine for eye exercises, In fact, I don't practice but sometimes I would do some sunning and long swings.

Since I'm a computer engineer, I do lots of work in front of the screen but I don't know if I should put the reading glasses on as long as I'm in front of the computer (ie : doing closework) or as suggested (3 hours a day)?

My vision is a bit blurry with these glasses, feels like I'm looking at the world through diamond eyes (pun intended) lol

Anyways, it would be cool if someone is doing the same experiment and would be kind enough to share his/her experience or simply pick up your reading glasses and join me!
This post isn't really related to the plus lense therapy nor does it belong in the "success stories" section, I just want to make a quick update along with some thoughts:

The other day, I found a pair of glasses under my bed, prescription (-1, -1,25) tried them out of curiosity, and guess what I was surprised, they felt too strong, even stronger then the first time I've put em on (3 years ago), I ditched them in a minute or so, and since I'm a skeptical person, I thought to myself that It was a mind trick or something and forgot about the whole thing.

Today, I went shopping, and something happened, I was able to read price tags from a farther distance than I used to, to such an extent that at some point I had to check if I was wearing glasses. Today, I felt like I was (-0,5), colours were sharp, and there was more "depth" when I looked away.

The only thing that is putting me down, is my night vision, very poor.
So to summarize and update my "therapy", here's what I've been doing lately:

-I'm not doing any eye exercises, rather, I tend to use my eyes a lot, I see, I blink, I stare at the distance, as far as I can go
-I try recapture how I used to "see" and how my eyes used to be relaxed when I had 20/20 vision, in order to trigger a more spontaneous feel
-I'm accepting my blurry world, I'm even diving into it with no fear, with acceptance
- did MAJOR changes to my lifestyle; No More alcohol, No more coffee, I'm exercising a lot (jogging, yoga, healthy diet, sleeping early)
-Moving forward, coming awake & alive, creating a wave of positive and optimistic attitude, I've burned bridges with all negative people and drama queens.
-A very fun game to try: whenever you spot a bird, follow its course with your eyes, you'll notice that they will get naturally relaxed and you'll feel comfortable right away.
-Going out as much as possible, living life to the max.
-I'm perfectly aware that I may or may not improve my vision, the essential goal is to be a satisfied mind.

So break those chains and unleash the power inside, after all, we only live once, so why don't you try?
Plus lens therapy is a dangerous method. Close vision lenses cause fast vision impairment and cataracts. Doctors often 'up the strength' of close vision lenses when cataracts develop to get the cataracts to grow more so they can perform surgery. They did this to my Mom. She gained clear vision by stopping her sunglasses and close vision glasses.Her cataracts were then shrinking. Did not need distant glasses. The doctor and her husband (my step-father) got mad when they realized she could cure herself and then forced her to wear the close vision glasses and also distant lenses. Now her vision is impaired again.

You are better off reading fine print in the sunlight without glasses. That is the safe, healthy Bates Method way to improve both close and distant vision.
Thank you Clarknight for your advice, I threw em away ! (haha I don't know what it is, but it feels like a hollistic ritual everytime I throw a pair of glasses away, it's like a rebirth, a new beginning)

By the way, great videos on your channel, keep up the good work!

Now it's time for a little update:
-I've placed my desk in front of the window so everytime I'm working on my computer, I take breaks every 20 minutes to look away and unleash my vision over fields, buildings and far away..

- If you're having trouble relaxing; go for a jog, do some stretches, take a shower, then play some cool chill out music and gaze at the distance from your window or garden, slowly walk with your vision down the roads, the sunset rays, breath in, breath out, fill your lungs with oxygen, fill up your mind with hope.

For a start, this might help:

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