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I have finally started to realize improvements in my vision, and it’s great. I think it really does come down to facing your fears. You cone to a point where you are relaxed enough to really see when your avoiding something. And at that point you can face it, and you should, and it feels better. It feels like relaxing into a cool swim. You are allowing yourself to be moved by feelings rather than become rigid and immobile. And it’s something that occurs anywhere from a couple times a minute to a couple times a second.

One handed palming with both eyes open seems to help. It helps me sense relaxation in the covered eye and transfer that to the uncovered eye. For some reason it also helps me focus on small areas at a time. Swinging very lightly seems to help. One of my breakthroughs happened when I did long swings for about an hour then palmed directly afterwards. I realized that you shouldn’t hold your eye lids up, and I realized I had been doing that. Extremely light touch, anywhere on my face or even just touching my fingers together of one hand, seems to help. I’ll lightly touch the areas around my eyes, especially under the eyes, where I feel slight tension. It seems to be so very subtle, and these things help you relax enough and calm down to pay attention to subtleties. Another great thing that’s helped is imagination. I will pick a color and try and imagine as many different things with that color as I can. Or I will just try and imagine random things, making sure not to repeat myself, that’s the key. This is a practice in letting go and moving on to something else mentally. I think myopes get stuck mentally, and that is what staring is.

And I’m more relaxed in general, everywhere I am, even if exercising.

You have to ask yourself why are you avoiding things, and just face them, over and over and over again.


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