"> How Do You Talk About Your Eyes?

How Do You Talk About Your Eyes?

Every good teacher knows that the last thing you want to do to an impressionable child is to call him stupid, because he may believe you, then start living to that label. Similarly, I’ve had vision students who proclaimed “I’m blind without my glasses!”, or recently “Seeing is not my gift.”! I usually start my discussion of this topic by saying “Your eyes are listening!”.

When I was growing up, wearing thicker and thicker eyeglasses, my mother often worried aloud about “Nancy’s bad eyes”. I know this came from concern about me, and was not intended as criticism, but I could feel my energy sink every time she said this. My eyes needed a support system back then, or a cheerleader, someone who believed in them and encouraged their ability, and I didn’t have that.

I have other negative memories of people criticizing my eyes’ performance. An early boyfriend regularly called me “El Blind-O”, thinking he was being funny. In 2nd grade the teacher had said I was such an excellent reader, I could work as a proofreader for a publishing company when I grew up. Since I so loved books already, I was thrilled, and ran home to tell my mother. She snapped, “With your eyes, you’d be blind in a month!”. Of course I was crushed, as my eyes and visual centers took one more blow to any remaining confidence they might have had.

As I continue to improve my vision, I can still catch myself thinking “Oh, I won’t be able to see that”, sometimes before I even look! Then I stop for a moment, maybe do some EFT (“tapping”) on being worried I can’t see, then tell myself some optimistic positive facts about my vision. Often, if I’m aware and present, not running on automatic pilot and reflex, I can see pretty well. And the more deeply I relax and let the images come to me instead of grabbing for them, the clearer the view becomes.

Of course telling myself I can see perfectly at all times feels like a lie, because it is! So I focus on statements that are true, like:

I can see everything I need to see.

My eyes are healthy, moist, and alive.

I am so grateful for the abundant colorful riches my vision brings to me.

I am working with my eyes and mind to see in a clearer, more relaxed way.

You get the idea. Think about yourself — do you often gripe about your “bad back”, or even your “messy house”? When you say it, you reinforce it — your words are powerful! Why not use them to encourage something you actually want in your life, instead of just more of the same?

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Author: Nancy

I wore strong glasses, then contact lenses, from age 5 into my 40s. While making many mistakes, eventually l learned how to improve the way I use my eyes and to see in a more relaxed, healthy manner. It is my pleasure to coach others to do the same. Visit me at https://NancyLNeff.com.

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Thank you so much for this article, I can relate to everything mentioned in this. I faced a lot of criticism about my eyesight when I was young, though my eyesight wasn’t very bad then, but the doubts and lack of confidence made it worse. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to ignore the others bad criticism and bullying behaviour which really knocked my confidence and every time when I was put on spot to read something I would always panic that I won’t be able to read it, till today I carry these emotions and working on them. I haven’t actually tried EFT for eyes though I am familiar with this technique. Is there any specific suggestions and words we use for overcoming this fear of not being able to read? As I doubt my eye sight so much to the point that sometimes I feel I don’t see well through my glasses. I really appreciate your work and all you are doing as it has been life changing for many.
Love and light ❤️🙏


Thank you so much for your valuable advice, I am going to try EFT with those suggestions, I do feel I need to heal myself more emotionally to release the doubts and lack of confidence about not being able to see clearly. I am very fascinated by the Holistic approach of healing eyesight I am hoping to reach out to you to discover and learn more about bates method in near future. The work you are doing is so appreciated, you have inspired me with your own eyesight improvement journey and I can’t wait to see that results for myself. Love and light ❤️🙏


That’s beautiful and very inspirational. I love reading all your articles and I can completely relate to all you have shared, to me it feels like reading my own experiences and what I gone through. I have started using EFT just slowly working out what suggestions and affirmations will work best in my situation, also using the one you suggested.Thank you so much. Love and light ❤️🙏🙌


I love your work, thank you