"> What Do My Emotions Have To Do With My Vision?

What Do My Emotions Have To Do With My Vision?

This afternoon I participated in an EFT (“tapping”) webinar with my teacher Carol Look, where she talked about asking for and accepting guidance. Many people are afraid of the guidance which might come in, since it could say something they don’t want to hear and act on. What if guidance tells them to leave their job or marriage, or to start losing weight NOW? During the call I had the realization that I’m hesitant to completely open myself up to “signs” or other forms of guidance because I think it will come in like a sledgehammer, pushing at me and bossing me around.

It makes sense that I should feel this way, since I had an overly strict and demanding parent, as well as a few dictator bosses. Yet I don’t really think angels or spirit guides are going to yell at me! I’ll do more work around releasing any resistance to receiving, so I’m not missing input which would help me. With my focus on vision, and wanting to let in the clear images so I can see as well as possible, I wondered if I’d uncovered another form of resistance to clear sight. Am I reluctant to fully open myself up to crystal clear sight because it might overwhelm me?

A few years ago I wrote about being overwhelmed by auditory input, and the parallels to vision, here. That doesn’t mean I’ve solved this. Even hardcore medical professionals now are reluctantly admitting the role of emotions in health or disease: long-held anger can lead to high blood pressure or heart problems, resentment can lead to arthritis. Yet I don’t see these as “problems” as much as the body speaking to us in the only language it has, trying to convey a message so we’ll change our behavior or situation and be more comfortable.

We can carry habits forward long past the time when they served us. Maybe there was a time in my earlier life when I did need to restrict the input coming in, whether it was unhelpful “guidance” or visual input of scary scenes. So this tendency to crimp the hose to slow down the incoming stimuli was protecting me! Yet now I have more choices and much more autonomy — I can speak up or leave a situation which doesn’t suit me, I don’t have to “take it”. I’m thinking it’s finally time to let go of the habit of not letting myself see, because it might be “too much”. I’ll do further energy work around this, including EFT.

With some friends and clients, I’ve noticed emotional patterns which are different than my own related to their vision restriction. Some people can see in the distance fine, yet cannot look in a relaxed way when reading and often get headaches. They may think focusing on numbers or letters or close-up details is difficult, and feel “Don’t make me do this!”. I’ve seen other people who are sad and discouraged about their vision, expecting it to get worse and worse. I’ve heard people say they feel safer with glasses on, and joke that you’re not supposed to hit someone who’s wearing glasses! I relate most closely to those who are anxious or worried, as that’s been my pattern, and I’ve done a lot of work to be optimistic and positive about my vision.

My EFT teacher Carol Look created an audio program centered on eyesight, with each portion focused on a different emotion, and tapping sequences for that. “All this anger got stuck in my eyes” or “I was too afraid to look at it” are a few I remember. I’ve found the most benefit with EFT for my own eyesight is when I tap on a specific incident, not a general feeling. For example: “I was scared when the whole kindergarten class stared at me, and I wanted to disappear”.

Take a minute and explore how you feel about your seeing. If the feeling is negative, does it still make sense now, or is it left over from the past? If it doesn’t suit you, can you let it go? You deserve to see everything you want to see, as clearly as you want to see it.


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Author: Nancy

I wore strong glasses, then contact lenses, from age 5 into my 40s. While making many mistakes, eventually l learned how to improve the way I use my eyes and to see in a more relaxed, healthy manner. It is my pleasure to coach others to do the same. Visit me at https://NancyLNeff.com.

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Estelle Saunders

Hi Nancy, I enjoyed both your articles. Hearing someone’s personal experiences is encouraging for me as a holistic behavioural optometrist and NVI teacher. I also need to work on my own vision and related emotions more 🙂
Thank you for sharing. Namaste, Estelle.


Such a well-written article, Nancy! I shut down my eyes at age 7 or 8– overwhelmed by very restrictive and also boring as well as terrifying catholic school. I remember when the letters on the chalkboard began to blur and fuzz out. Thanks so much for all the insights you share.


dear nancy, thank you so very much for this wonderful article. wearing glasses since age 2 i might just have discovered through your words the reason why i shut down my vision at a very early age… my body reacted strongly when reading that clear sight of other life forms might foster a fear of overwhelm. i know when i get goosebumps all over that Truth is being spoken… thank you so very much. i shall work on this using the emotion code which releases trapped emotions. best regards from vienna, austria, europe

Nancy L. Neff

Margit, good for you, and congratulations on your awareness! Please let me know how it goes, and spread the word! I’m an energy medicine practitioner myself, always learning more, and have seen great results with EFT and other techniques. I know a couple of emotion code practitioners, and really believe in that modality. Take care!
Nancy from NY state

Barbara Sinclair

Nancy, This is a fantastic article!
Well-written with all kinds of little gems. You are such an inspiration! ❌⭕️

Nancy L. Neff

Thank you, Barbara! Coming from someone who is a great writer herself, this is high praise. And thanks for reading, my friend.