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Stop Wearing Glasses and Improve Your Vision

If you’re sick and tired of wearing your glasses, I know where you’re coming from.

If you think it’s possible to see clearly again without them, you’d be right.


What happens when you stop wearing your glasses?

For some of us it’s scary to get off our meds and see what happens. They’re the only thing keeping us from falling apart, right?

The same goes for glasses. You’ve been taught that you need them. You take them off, look around, and sure enough, it looks like you need them. You wake in the morning and can’t see a thing until you put them on.

You think about how to get out of them, but you don’t find a lot of encouragement.

Your parents tell you that your eyes will get worse if you don’t wear them all the time.

But is that what your eye doctor said? Maybe. Maybe not. If you have myopia (nearsightedness), some doctors believe that glasses will stop your eyes from getting worse as fast as they would have otherwise. There’s no doubt, however, that in almost all cases, people’s vision gets worse and worse if they keep wearing glasses.

But there’s a little more to it than that. Your vision can also get worse without glasses. Perhaps not as fast, but glasses aren’t the only factor.

The biggest factor is how you use your eyes. There are aspects to this that you’ve never thought about. Your habits either promote good vision or bad vision. There are real changes you can make that will have an impact and lead you towards good vision again, without glasses.

Glasses do some nasty things to prevent your good habits from taking over to improve your vision back to normal. See my article The Problem With Glasses.

So what happens when you don’t wear your glasses? It depends. Maybe some eyestrain and tired eyes. Certainly a lot of blur. Anxiety.

What also happens is your eyes are given the freedom to learn to see without glasses. It doesn’t mean they automatically will. They’ll need some help.


Cold Turkey

So how about the good old “cold turkey” approach. Usually that term is used to describe an abrupt and complete end to a drug habit, but glasses are a lot like a drug.

I could tell you to stop wearing your glasses now and be done with it. If you work in a profession where it’s all about near work, and you can manage this, and you can find your way around and do everything you need to without glasses, sure, maybe that will work for you.

Is this necessary? Do you have to just quit immediately?

Nope. Whether you sometimes wear your glasses in moments of weakness or an important immediate need to see something, that’s not what is going to determine what happens to your vision. So don’t worry about it. Don’t make any big commitments in going cold turkey that you’ll stress yourself out trying to keep.


Weaker glasses may be a temporary solution

The whole point is to learn to see clearly without glasses and not ever be dependent on them. Until then, you’ve got life to deal with, so weaker glasses might be a good interim solution. You probably you want to be able to drive, and it would be nice to be able to still recognize your friends, read signs, and generally be able to do things without feeling disabled.

Your eye doctor is already familiar with issuing a reduced prescription for patients who want a pair for reading or computer work. The reason for that is myopic glasses are calculated to give you clear distance vision. For any distance closer than 20ft (which is close to optical infinity as far as focus adjustment is concerned), they’re stronger than necessary. People complain about eyestrain with their glasses, and eye doctors have figured out it’s partly because the eyes have to over-focus for near work through the distance glasses, and reducing the strength of the glasses helps.

So you can request a reduced prescription from your eye doctor, telling him you intend to use them for reading and computer work… which is also true, right? No need to tell him you will be using them for everything if you think he’ll react badly to the idea.

Or you can try your luck at simply ordering new glasses online, a little weaker than your old prescription, and type in your doctor’s info. They might contact him for verification. They might not. Worst case, they’ll refuse your order and your eye doctor will give you a tongue-lashing for going behind his back. But it probably won’t be so bad as that. Your eye doctor is there to provide a service that you want and should have the sense to value your business and treat you well.


Do the exercises without glasses

All of the exercises I give should be done without glasses. They’re all doable without glasses, even if your myopia is pretty high. In many cases you can move closer to the eye chart on the wall to be able to see enough to make the exercise doable. There’s always a way.

The thing is with your glasses on you wouldn’t be able to notice the changes in your vision as you do the exercise. They give bad feedback. If your eyes improve their focus as you’re doing an exercise, your glasses will make your vision look worse instead. So it’s going to be really confusing and I don’t recommend it. And these moments of clearer vision are so important for your morale and confidence. You have to have the opportunity to experience these moments without your glasses and see how easy and possible it is for you to see without them. Your clear vision is just right there waiting to be activated, it’s right there within you, totally accessible, it’s really nothing special, and I want you to have the opportunity to experience this.

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Administrator of Other interests include hang gliding, health, consciousness exploration, poker and financial markets.

Author: David

Administrator of Other interests include hang gliding, health, consciousness exploration, poker and financial markets.

38 thoughts on “Stop Wearing Glasses and Improve Your Vision”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and wonder if I actually need my contacts. However, every time that I’ve tried to stop wearing them I’ve realized that the effect is very chaotic. There would be no way for me to drive my car without my contacts without crashing into something. This is why I really appreciate your tip of switching to a prescription that is weaker, and keep doing so until you don’t need your glasses or contacts anymore!

  2. Hi Luke,
    Yes, weaker prescriptions can be a big help for when you need to wear them. It’s kind of like weaning yourself off a drug.

  3. Hi David,
    I find it frustrating too that I have to depend on my glasses. So I’ve ditched my glasses by only wearing them during lectures, and tutorial classes perhaps. I hope I can really improve my eye sight! Thank you very much.

  4. hi david my eyes sph,-5.5 on the right and-2.5 on the left is my eye short sight, i have tired and i need to stop wearing eye glass.can i stop wearing glass and improve my vison?

  5. Hey,

    I am tired of the eyestrain I get from my glasses and thinking about ordering a pair of glasses with a weaker prescription online. I know a website where you can get a pair for only about €55,-. Right now I have a pair of glasses with R -4,50 / L -4,25, with R -0,25 180° / L -0,50 12° astigmatism. What weaker prescription do you suggest? How about R -2,50 / L -2,25 (2 diopters weaker for each eye)? And should I leave the astigmatism unchanged?

    Really hope you can help and suggest some advice. Thanks.

    Greetings, Justin

    1. Justin,
      The less correction the better, and especially the more you are able to do without your glasses the better, provided you are also working on using your eyes better. There is no magic formula for reducing your prescription by a certain amount.

  6. Hello dravid
    I m tashi from ladakh….my lens power is-2 both eye con I cure mayopia by doing eye exercise…….please reply

  7. Hey David my left eye has a power of -4 something and right eye is 2.5 something and I’m really irritated cuz of my glasses and without it’s like totally blurr tell me how to improve it fast pls

  8. This made sense to me so I tried it. I have some really glasses from a few years ago, they are much weaker than my current glasses and in only one day my eyes have readjusted to them! It’s a little bit of a strain seeing close up but I can get by. My eyes do not feel as tired at the end of the day. I spend a lot of time on the computer or looking at some type of screen so I suggest anyone interested try wearing some old glasses first if your eyes are really bad. I couldn’t see anything when I woke up, could barely find my glasses. This is over!

  9. Hi,
    I’m a 14 year old girl and my vision is really bad. I have myopia with R:-6.50 and L:-6.75. I have an old pair of prescription glasses. The power for those is R: -5.50 and L: -5.75. If I wear my old glasses, will my vision get worse? I really want to, at least, get to the power of R: -5.50 and L: -5.75 and wear my old glasses. If I use this method how long do you think it would take to get better for my eyes, and is this really safe for developing eyes? Please respond as soon as possible.
    Thank you!

    1. Those studies only had people stop wearing glasses. Not stop wearing glasses AND improve their vision. Going without glasses by itself won’t always have much, if any, positive impact by itself, but it’s one part of the process. If that were the whole solution, there would be no need for one more than one page on this website.

    2. Alisha, people vary widely in how long it takes them. It depends entirely on how quickly you learn to see in the right way.

  10. Hello, i currently wear my old glasses from middle school, not sure what it is as far as prescription, but when i take my glasses off, my eyes seem worse. Should I stop? I know you’re no doctor, but i just want a second opinion.

    1. Taking your glasses off may or may not lead to better vision right away. It’s common, but most likely that will not be the only thing you need to do. This site is about the procedures you use to improve your vision.

  11. Hi I am avinash 19yrs old
    I have a eye sight of -3 right 0 right … I can perform all the daily activities without my glasses … Is there any possibility of getting my right eye to normal condition without wearing glasses?

  12. I googled the topic because it happened to me this week. I did not wear my eye-glasses for two days and surprise surprise, I am good without glasses. I don’t think I am going back that route…. thanks

    1. Good! That’s a common experience that people find after a couple days without glasses, that they have been wearing every waking moment for years, that their vision improves a little right away.

  13. Is this serious? You think you can will your eye lenses back into shape, physically fix the imperfections in your eyeball by not wanting to wear glasses? Because that’s what you’re talking about when you’re suggesting ‘learning to see without glasses’ to someone who needs glasses so see clearly.

  14. David what if you have a lasy eye let’s say and want to make both of your eyes stronger would it be good not to wear glasses because my kid has one and she is 12 and I’m worried about it

  15. i dont like wearing glasses they suck bad u have to see the eye doctor a lot by new glasses if they break it just to much i got glasses a year ago i hate them

  16. I feel bad for all these people whose vision will get fucked by wearing prescriptions that are too weak for them, last time people tried that experiment they had to stop for ethical reasons because it teribbly screwed up their vision permanently, I just people will look around more and get other opinions before going off and doing something drastic that they will later regret

  17. Dear Yikes,
    The experiment you are mentioning was specifically conducted on children with myopia. Unfortunately, it was done with great ignorance towards proper scientific experimentation methodologies, physiological optics, and Dr Bates’s findings in general.
    Proper method would have called for the testing and evaluation of the null hypothesis. In this case, a control group should have been established, which wore no glasses at all for the duration of the experiment.
    Instead, there had been only 2 groups: one with proper prescription for the distance; and one with improper prescription. Wearing concave glasses for close work elongates the children’s eyeballs more, due to optical reasons. (Please see any University textbook on physiological optics for further clarification.) When the prescription is proper for the maximum range of vision to achieve the required resolution for distance viewing, the child’s eyeball is able to “rebound” to the original correction more or less due to the positive feedback the brain receives. In the case of even slight reduction in the prescriptions, the positive feedback mechanism is lost and hence the eyeball will remain in a somewhat more elongated form, measuring higher degree of myopia during the next checkup. Had the experimenters have any clue about the workings of optics, it is unlikely that they would have performed such an ignorant experiment with single-focal concave lenses on children. But I agree, it is very unethical to do this to children, just as much as ignoring the work of Dr Bates for the last 100 years and compelling children to wear image-distorting devices over their eyes for the rest of their lives, feeding the great Trillion-dollar Optical Industry.

    1. Nadia, thanks for taking the time to help!
      On one hand I can understand people being indoctrinated into the belief system that we are so helpless and prone to breaking down that a larger and larger chunk of kids wear glasses. Parents do what they’re told, and eye doctors are quite convincing that glasses are the answer. What I have a problem with is people who go out of their way to discourage interested people from trying alternative approaches and to aggressively defend a system of wearing glasses forever that is not working well and has horrible side effects. Generally I just don’t even tolerate those people on this site, because the medical industry is already in control of society and I don’t care for them to have any presence here as well. But occasionally it’s useful to keep those types of comments in order to make a point to refute them.

  18. Hey David 🙂 I suffer from Myopia and I want to get rid of my specs. My power is -.75 for both eyes. Please help me cute my condition 🙂

  19. This is the best advice ever. I’ll use your tip of wearing lower power for closeup reading. I was tired of my pinhol glasses breaking since I wear them over my glasses. I’ve stopped wearing my glasses constantly -8.75 for 2 weeks now.
    Instead I’ve been walking arouand shops and at home using my d modified pinhole glasses (made the hole very tiny, size of pinprick, everything looks 20/20) with pinhole glasses.
    Now, when I’m in the garden I have 5 seconds of clarity, 20/20 when peering intently at the grass or patch if garden or sunflower centre. It’s so exciting.
    The other tip I picked up was supercharge your lutein and xeanthin levels with kale, spinach and broccoli smoothies. I’m so over the moon, this DIY is actually working. (I got the smoothies idea from the Outback Vision Protocol, but I wouldn’t buy it, just study it)

  20. I’ve not been wearing my specs for over 24 hours and already my eyes feel better. It so good to be free of glasses, I’ve worn them for nearly 60 years. I hate wearing glasses.

  21. I have myopia with L -.05 and R -0.75. Can I improve my vision without wearing glasses.

    P.S. I have just started wearing glasses..

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